Coaster Kingdom

About labels
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Many articles on Coaster Kingdom have labels at the bottom, such as these which you will find at the bottom of the Eurostar review:
Labels: , , ,
These are mainly for our benefit, but can be used by you too. Labels serve several purposes:
  • For the benefit of the site, many labels are there in order to categoriese reviews and help with navigation. All reviews with the label 'Coaster' will appear on the Coaster edition homepage, for example
  • As a reader, you can click on the labels to be taken to every single review in that category. For some labels (such as Coaster) this will load a very, very long page and will take some time to load. Use your discretion
  • We will highlight certain labels here and there so that you can be shown reviews that cover a particular topic, such as reviews with 1Star