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Frequently asked questions
Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here we attempt to answer some of the more common questions that we're asked.

What is Coaster Kingdom?

Coaster Kingdom is a well established website that covers European theme parks, fairs, rides and coasters in great depth. It is comprised of massively in depth ride reviews, features and a blog which offers analysis of current coaster affairs.

Who are you?

We're not a theme park, we're not writers in any official capacity. We're just people who love theme parks and love writing about them. The team is made up of Marcus Sheen who started the site, John Phillips and Lewis Cox who help write for the site, and Roz Holbrook who helps with the blog and proof reading.

Why the UK bias?

Quite simply because that's where we live. As it goes, we don't think much of the UK coaster scene, but it is something we know a lot about, and hence have a lot to say. As often as possible we try and venture abroad, but as trips abroad are more whistlestop than those within the UK, it is harder to get enough photos and ride enough rides to make coverage worthwhile.

Why should I listen to you, opinions are subjective aren't they?

For the same reason that people listen to film reviews and car reviews. At the end of the day, they're all one persons opinion, but they're authorative, and put forward an in depth argument. It is easy to form your own opinion based on our synopsis.

When does Coaster Kingdom get updated?
  • The blog is updated whenever there is something to write about. It might be updated five times in a week, it might be updated five times a month
  • Our comprehensive ride reviews are added every few weeks
  • We also aim to add an in depth feature at least every month

How come this ride has the same rating as that ride?

Ratings credit rides depending on criteria unique to that ride. What makes Nemesis a great ride isn't necessarily what makes Phantom Manor a great ride.

Can I use your content on my website?

Photos yes, text no. But please get in touch with us before doing so - click the link on our homepage.

Do you respect park policies?

Of course. We only take photos on rides when we have permission, and only after riding several times so we know what to expect from the ride. On dark rides, we never use a flash. If rules state we cannot use a camera, we will not. All pictures are taken from publically accessible areas unless accompanied by park staff.