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Truly Outstanding! Easily one of the best Coasters in Europe. The Theming is just unlike any other Coaster you are likely to confront-as is the ride which is powerful and unique-it is smooth, fast and plays around with the scenery brilliantly.

(Note you have to sit at the back if you want more Intensity...believe me, it is really worth it.)

B Gorb

Not much really needs to be said, as you will most probably have heard it all before. However this really is a ride of world class standard, and by far one of the most intense roller coasters you could hope to find. It also appears to have been bleared of much graffiti and rubbish recently and is running smoothly. Amazing.

Ollie Cook

This was the first looped coaster I ever went on and my god it's still one of my favourites. It triggered a whole new part of me, transforming the girl who was scared of a simple ghost train into a roller coaster nut.

Nemesis is a spectacular ride for its speed, surrounding and who could forget the almighty loop. I'll definitely be back on it if I ever return to Alton Towers.

Rosie Garrett

Well well. We come across my favourite ride Nemesis. I was 8 years old when I rode this. It turned me from coaster wuss to coaster freak. Whilst many people overrate this ride I agree with the points that it is well themed and superbly executed.

But I wouldn't describe it as the second coming. When ridden in different places this ride can be a OK ride to a take your breath away ride. The front offers the views, the back offers the thrills. Its simple.

When you first arrive in the valley you hear Nemesis before you see it. Once in vision it looks very daunting and the apocalyptic music enhances this effect. If you find that your legs haven't turned to jelly you can queue. When entering the station you see your car. Most people feel very nervous at this point but that's okay who wouldn't?

Once dispatched you climb the hill lift. The chain is too loud to talk so for the very weak you are truly on your own. Then you drop slowly but quickly building speed. Following the waterfall is a great effect but doesn't last long as you swoop away for the corkscrew.

All fear is usually gone, this is true adrenalin. The 720 helix comes up and I think is the most forceful part. You then hurtle towards the monster very quickly. If you have noticed your legs are in the way of it this is when the excellent twist kicks in. We are then met with a beautifully composed 180 turn. This leads flying towards the pit and into the loop.

At this point I feel so free and I want it to never end. Swooping under the queue bridge is also very fun. If your unlucky you could get a splash from the blood red waterfalls (not good if your wearing a white T shirt) followed by another 180 turn and deep down. The surprise inversion is effective and one of the best in the country. When continue with a turn into the station. For those who aren't want to hurl have enjoyed this immensely and will defiantly re-ride.


Since I first went to Alton Towers I was really nervous about what the rides were like there, but I would have to say that my favourite and the best ride ever to this day would have to be Nemesis because every time you ride it, it seems different every time. Who in their right mind would say that this is a bad ride?! It's the best yet, it's fantastic!


This ride is without doubt the most awesome coaster I have ever been on and believe me I've been on a few. Every time I go to Alton Towers me and my mates peg it to Nemesis because it is just so awesome. Last time we went we rode it 13 times in one day and that seriously mucks up with your head. The best part of the ride is when you pull up over the water after going over the fat loop as the Gs experienced are incredible. The fact that this ride is also situated in a massive trench and has a mental layout means that it is far superior to Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe park. This ride deserves every one of the 5 stars it will be receiving of me.


Nemesis is THE BEST ride I have ever been on. It gives the most exciting, great experience and you could ride it again and again and not get bored because it's always such a great ride! It's best when sat in the front seats - you get the best view.


The BEST ride in the whole world!

Rebecca Louise Holmes

Nemesis is absolutely brilliant. It looks good and it is good. You definitely have to sit at the front though. The extra 10 mins queuing is worth it.


Nemesis is amazing! It was the one of the first roller coaters I ever rode and since then I have never come across anything as exhilarating or as intense. Nemesis is absolutely mind-blowing. The way you are inverted and flung around is so smooth and the theming is outstanding, if only parts of the alien Nemesis hadn't been torn out by vandals. Nothing comes close the feeling you get from Nemesis and the high afterwards is unrivalled by any other, and however long you have to queue for, believe me it's worth every second you wait.

Ashley Hetherington

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