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The greatest roller coaster I have been on, everything about it is superb! I strongly feel that even abroad a coaster of its kind that is better cant possibly exist! First rode over a year ago and eagerly anticipate riding it again very soon!

Richard Devine

My opinion is that Nemesis is one of the greatest coasters of all time and must be ridden by all, the RCCGB also agree.

Matthew Kevin Western

Best inverted coaster in the UK.

Jonathon Bunce

The Best Ride in the UK just above Colossus. If Nemesis Inferno is as good as Nemesis Thorpe Park will take over as number 1 theme park In the UK!

Ricky Field

You know I've ridden it many times now and I love it to bits. Nowadays it looks a bit rough though and the extra queue should be for the back seat not the front!

John Thorp

Doesn't do it for me. There's nothing special about it. It's a good coaster, but not of a very high standard. Nemesis Inferno looks to be better. However I might have enjoyed it more if I had ridden it before riding other inverted coasters such as Duelling Dragons, which is very good!

Alex Smith

A wicked coaster.. I've travelled the world and been on many many coasters and I'm very proud that us Brits have such a great coaster... It is getting a little rough in it's old age but still packs a mean punch.. Alton towers really should give the queue a bit of a clean before re-opening though...

Martin Grantham

I got on Nemesis before I became interested in coasters and got off interested in coasters. It seems to be improving with age and is now an incredibly forceful ride and still unique. B&M may have built bigger Inverted Coasters but none I have ridden have yet to top this little monster.

John Wilkes

The sights, the music, everything engulfs as you first see it, I was speechless. And the ride has as many near-misses as Duelling Dragons, only with other bits... If you go to AT, this is your first priority.

Benin De'Giovanni

A superbly themed ride e.g the red water meaning to be blood. It also is a great ride with great inversions. It is also great to spectate. A shame about the long waiting times. Go on it!

Andrew Jack

This is probably the most amazing inverted ride today. The atmosphere is set by clever theming in the queue line and the tension really builds when you walk down to the pit with the loop. But all of this changes when you come up the stair and see peoples names carved into the station and the crannies in the monster being uses as fag trays, despite great signs saying 'NO SMOKING'. But it is an awfully fantastic feeling as you get the rush from the first corkscrew, It is a shame that a few cancer patients have to spoil it.


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Talk about over-rated Ben
Getting a bit rough. Jamie
Good fun, too short. James
Arghhhhhh, deep breath, Arghhhhhhh OddFreak
Feat of modern engineering. Matt
Too short, and overrated. Jon
Alas, I'm in Colorado. Kevin
Helix gives extreme pleasure. Gaz
Blink and miss it. Jon