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Along with the good and bad points listed at the foot of each review, our five-star ratings are a general summary of the reviewed ride or attraction.

Do not use ratings to compare rides head-to-head

Both five-star rides... but how?Our ratings and reviews award rides based on their own individual merits. Whilst one inverted coaster may get five stars and another four, it does not automatically mean that the five star attraction is the better ride, although it is the better one in situe - this means we take account of factors like the way the attraction is operated, how well it accomplishes it's criteria and how well the attraction fits into the park in terms of the sensations it offers.

Bear in mind rides change

We try and rate a ride bearing in mind its average performance. Dark rides with unreliable effects will receive a lower overall rating even if it is a five-star attraction when all in working order.

Wooden coasters have a tendency to become rough if not maintained properly. Our rating is based on our experiences of the attraction when we rode it so please bear this in mind before flying across the world to experience a five-star attraction that we haven't re-reviewed recently.

If we feel a review has become unrepresentative of a ride, we will simply remove it until such a time we can re-ride the attraction.

Our ratings explained

The attraction meets all expectations, fits its criteria perfectly and entertains those who its aimed at.

A great attraction, but just misses out on a full rating due to a few negative points or just general inconsistency.

A good ride. Is generally enjoyable and certainly worth going on, but misses out on entertaining its target audience.

Worth a go, but generally uninspiring and not worth queuing for. Don't expect to be running back to the start of the queue.

Completely misses the mark, and is generally a displeasure to ride. Normally painful, often just a general waste of time with no gratification for those who the ride is aimed at.


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