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With over 300 pages of content and each review averaging five thousand words, despite our best efforts, there will occasionally be errors that make their way onto the website, both factual and technically.

Our reviews and features are well-researched and are always written with the best of intentions, so please accept our apologies if an error does make it online. If informed, we will endeavour to correct it. 

There are a lot of technical things that - whether down to us or out of our control - invariably break. If this is the case, we'll inform you. Likewise, if there is a misleading fact, we will make amends. 

27 March 2006 - Bubbleworks photos

We completely messed up the Bubbleworks photos, missing one picture all together and linking the thumbnails incorrectly. This has been sorted. Click here for the review. 

28 October 2005 - Fright Nights rating

We gave Fright Nights 4/5, it should have been 3/5. The star graphic has been corrected. It is a high 3/5 if that matters :)  

06 June 2005 - Forum Maintenance

Our forum was unavailable for scheduled maintenance. The upgrades have now taken place and the forum is now available here.

22 March 2005 - Nominations

The link on Coaster Kingdom's homepage for the ETPCA Nominations was wrong and taking visitors to an out-of-date page. This has been corrected.

29 January 2005 - Editions

We were told that the 'Editions' feature where you can customise the Coaster Kingdom homepage was not working. This is now fixed, although you may have to reselect your preferred page.

15 January 2005 - Your Reviews forms

We accidentally broke the feedback forms on Coaster Kingdom, and redirected users to the wrong forms. This meant while you could fill in the Your Review forms, they wouldn't send. We have sorted this problem.


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