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This is a great ride! It doesn't give you the g-forces you think it's going to give you, but it is smooth and exhilarating, and the position is unique and my fave way to ride! Way 2 go B&M!


Nice, smooth and fluid. Main interest comes out of curiosity as to how the seating position will effect the proceedings. More of a once a visit to the park ride, just for the experience. Quite low in the adrenaline stakes once it gets going. Rates poorly compared with the likes of Nemesis.

Alan Edwards

Smooth & Slow! Great Ride.

Andrew Sealy

Vertical-type inversion elements have been entirely omitted from Air, as have steep drops. This results in not enough angle changes, therefore the ride doesn't have the elements to thrill. It's not about plain lack of G forces; you just don't go through enough unusual positions or acrobatics. Nonetheless, Air is extremely enjoyable and the riding style is great fun, albeit for the novel position rather than the questionable "flying" visuals.

Graeme Cassidy

I first saw air and thought, it's too slow. But when I got on with my mate, it was phat!

Simon Abell

The ride is not as good as I thought. It isn't very fast and not that thrilling, but has a different feeling.

Alan Foster

If air was as fast and tight as Nemesis the G-forces and speed would take away from the flying experience and be unpleasant on the body thus ruining the floaty sweeping feeling you get from this beautiful coaster. Just look at the comments about the horribly uncomfortable and sickening Vekoma Flying Dutchmen!

Name not Supplied

This ride is truly awesome. I enjoy it at the same amount as I enjoy Nemesis - but for different reasons. This ride won't scare you to death - but it'll make you want to ride it over and over again.

Dan Ketteringham

Air at Alton Towers is novel and enjoyable ride, not particularly thrilling and far too short, but has much potential.

Simon Howard

I was expecting something really excellent, I was really let down.


I was expecting something very special from AIR. I was very disappointed. My first ride I had to stand in the cold for 3 hours before getting on it due to technical difficulties. The B&M flyer seats are as always comfy and the quality of the ride itself is high... Unfortunately I found it to be slow and almost boring... it's a good ride but not a great ride.. The 2nd B&M flyer in the USA is far better and a much faster and original ride... After 6 years development I am not that impressed... 1 year on and they are still having technical difficulties.. shouldn't this have been sorted by now!!!


Please remember that Alton T have to keep their coasters quite low height due to local planning laws. I think Air is a fantastic ride to install when height is a problem. The ride doesn't need to go fast because of the way you sit (well, you can't really call it sitting.) The experience is incredible and the smoothest coaster I've ever ridden.

Nick May

We had to go on twice! Although I love G forces, this had something else, something a little special. I think its a slight let down from all the hype, especially when you've been waiting HOURS to get on, but all rides are like that. Oblivion feels like a waste of time if you've waited 2hrs. Well done to Alton Towers, a great ride. Can I just ask if anyone else feels as if they're going to fall out on the way up the first drop??

Kee Kee

Very poor. For 12million I expected theming to consist of more than green lights and half a dozen fir trees. The queue line is dire, and once the novelty of the flying position wore off the ride became very average for me, the first drop and final helix being the only consistently enjoyable parts.

I've rode it roughly 15 times, and now I spend my time elsewhere in the park unless I'm with an Air virgin.

Steven Whitfield

This ride is good fun, not that it gives a real sense of flying. I recommend that you MUST go in the single riders line though as it has no wait, and you can often get front row seats! when families only have 3 people.

Andrew Jack

The air is a GOOD ride and you have to experience it for yourself because of the weird riding positions on the train. The backwards turn is the bit I did not like they should warn you that certain parts of the ride can be nauseous and I felt a bit funny afterwards Overall. An ok attempt of a suspended flying coaster in the UK.

Daniel Lowton

I was scared to go on it the first time I saw it, but when I did it was SO worth it! Air is such a cool ride and I would defiantly name it my best ride there! Although I don't really know if it felt like flying, but it was great.

Air Fan

I have been going to Alton towers at least once a year since I was born only recently started wanting to go on roller coasters. The first one I've ever been on was Nemesis. Compared to Nemesis this is for wimps but if you put it in a crap theme park like Drayton Manor it would be their star attraction. The ride is very enjoyable the only problem is my legs hurt when I get off.

I went on a school visit yesterday and my two of my mates are not really into roller coasters but enjoy Air. (the only one in Alton Towers I can get them on)

Darren Russell

I've only been on AIR once and so far so good! I'm going to AT again next Sat and I'm V excited. That first twist onto your back really makes you pull in you stomach though huh?! AIR is such a great rind and most defiantly my favourite, although the feeling of 'flying' was a bit disappointing-you are so locked into your seat! Also I had trouble stretching my arms out in front of me as the grip bars are so large! But apart from that...I LOVE IT!

Amber Griffin

I had a headache prior to riding Air. But the experience of riding it didn't only get rid of this headache, it chilled me out to the extent where I felt a sense of Euphoria. They wanted to chill me out and they did...great ride.....and I flew!!

Stephen Robertson

Its just amazing, it takes your breath away. Last time I went I went on the last ride of the day therefore the park was empty and I had the whole train to my self and I was flying. I was like a drug it chilled me and made me so relaxed. I love it!!!


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Just a gentle breeze. Mary
Slow, casual but nice. Martin
Air takes its time. Andy
Now you can fly! Wayne
Bring change of pants. Big Al
Flying slowly, smoothly, gracefully. FlyerComet
Kiddy ride? No way. Joe
Fun when it works. Big L
The feeling of flight. David
Flying high, true exhilaration. ShadowSniper
All great, no hate. Barnaby
Here, there and everywAIR. Fergus
Unrelenting, undeniable, underestimated attraction. Phil
Gentle, but very thrilling. Jon
Awesomely insane AIR-time. Liam
Love at first ride. Andrew
Face down, ass up! Michael
AIR: Automated Infant Rocker. Cosmo
It's broken down again! Joe
Good ride, bad queue. Will