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We get hundreds of submissions, and every so often one catches our eye... just for all the wrong reasons. Here are the very 'best' of the submissions from our more, um, charismatic readers.

This isn't an invitation for you to start posting joke submissions, as frankly we'd rather not have them. It takes a minute for you to type them, and a second for us to delete them.

Whilst bad language is censored, be aware that there will still be the insinuation of swearing. Anyway, you'll probably find the disregard for good grammar far more offensive.


it [Loggers Leap] is f**king great so all u b**ches better get ur f**king facts rite

Louise age 13 -,

ABSOLUTALLY F**KING S**T THE B*****D THAT THOUGHT OF IT SHOULD BE F**KING SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHERES THE F**KING 0/5*

William Cotterill

my opinion of oblivion is that it is scary as f**k mate when it hangs you over the end that proper s**ts you up but the worst part of it is when you are goin up the bank

nath jones

Hello Coaster Kingdom! I would like just to know where is your park and what are the prices? Are there any hotels near or special prices for a weekend? Or any special offers with the transportation? Thank you

Valarie, G2J.COM

A four word review of Detonator...

2 don don 1 don don


This [Nemesis] is the best ride you have. It is phat!! Use it as your main attraction...


[name removed] you suck. [comment removed]. B******S. Have you actually been on Air?


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