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The main problem with BPB is space. That there is any at all is a miracle. BPB struggle so badly with space, that they now combine rides over others. A great example of this shows on the Pepsi-Max Big One. The reason I like this ride and the reason BPB like this ride so much, is because it takes up little space. It is also (at the moment) a major attraction which pulls in larger crowds than expected. This allows BPB to concentrate on more advanced projects, whilst it's visitors crowd the smaller rides.

The ride itself (and not just it's area) is fantastic. The track design is pure 'Wild', so you are not being conned by the title. The mouse cars are rather small, however, if said, this improves the ride altogether. This is supposed to be the best Wooden Mouse coaster ever made and it certainly lives up to this.

Of course it does have some faults.

It can be uncomfortably rough, especially as it is going through it's golden years, and it is always best to have one car per person because of the lack of legroom. There are also a few unwanted break runs that slows the ride down, whereas it should be crazy the whole way around.

This is still the best ride of it's kind, despite it's age, and is definitely worth a visit.

Joe C

Without doubt the wildest ride at the park. Apart from the hilarity of squeezing my frame into the ride, then squeezing in another person. This roller coaster is as extreme as any I have ridden. A number of my friends have been caught out by its mild appearance, but be in no doubt, tackle the big one first before trying this one. Tremendous fun. It only loses a mark because of the pain

Paul West

Yes OK, the ride is superb except I have one little quibble; If there are 2 people in the mouse car, the lateral Gs are still enough to slam the front rider against the side. Fine for them but for the poor sod behind whose knees get crunched? My wife nearly made me unable to walk and our lad was nearly crippled by his sister. Padding on the sides of the car please! Mark it down to 4 stars...

David Garner

A very rough ride but well worth going on. The ride has every thing you need for thrills and drops and a good punch.


A rough bumpy ride but the drops made up for it. The only disadvantage is the small cars - riding alone is a necessity! A brilliant coaster for some thrills and spills.

Debbie Harvey

BPB's sublimely superb Wild Mouse was first constructed in 1958 to a more traditional design, were the lift hill led straight into the switchback/zigzag section, but it was modified in the early 60's when the top gliding layer was added, to the the plans of the Valere Bros. modified mouse coaster at Queens Park, California. (the very same park where Harry Traver's awesome Cyclone Racer once stood!). Although the addition of the top layer removed half of the switchback section, it made the ride a third longer and actually made it FASTER!!

I visited BPB twenty times this year (2003) and god knows how many times I rode the Mouse (I'm going to try and count from next year) but in a single one-hour exclusive ride session on the ECC trip, I rode the Nash four times and the Mouse seven times;- in a row! I ALWAYS ride the Mouse on my own, sometimes to the point of arguing with the operator... I'm sorry but I damn well value my knees!! I don't know his name, but the Mouse op with the moustache always seems to have a smile on his face when he sees me, especially when I come round that last turn with my arms in the air and a HUGE smile on my face!! (as happens EVERY time!) I won't give it full marks, simply because of the evil trims that sometimes randomly slow me to walking pace when riding... I know they are necessary as maintenance would probably be too high if the little 5ft mice were let to scurry about at full speed all the time.. but take away those trims, and it'd be a 5/5 from me!! As with many BPB rides, Mouseeee is a true a gem of amusement park history, and does it's job far better than most modern rides will ever do.. the day my friend Mouseee leaves this world, will be the day a part of me dies!!

Peter Proctor

I didn't ride Blackpool's mouse until about a week ago. I didn't even know it existed, despite travelling there with my family almost every once a month when growing up. It is a hidden little gem, barely accessible (my 100 kgs frame barely squeezing through the turnstile). I wandered through the mostly-unused queue, happy to be about to ride something new. Little cars whizzed around above my head, tilting precariously, each accompanied by a loud scream. My turn! I looked down at the tiny car with disbelief, then clambered into the little innocent car, and another person followed. It was surprisingly comfortable; they'd applied bits of padding to the sides of the cars.

The tiny car moved out of the station with a jolt, and the car navigated a 180 degree turn, and clattered up the lift. At the top, another car whizzed just above us, nearly taking our heads off. The car slips past the ghost train roof, giving us a slight taste of what horrors are to be catered to us by this little mouse. The trim brakes aren't on; we plough into the first drop, both of us coming up off the little seat and down with a bang at the bottom and shooting back up to the zig-zags. We zip through one, and another, and another, gathering incredible speed; with each turn the front of the car comes off the side of the track before tilting and whipping round. I scream on each go-round. Our little car flies over two drops very very very fast, launching us out of the seat and into fits of laughter. Structure whizzes by, the car picking up speed, faster, faster, before flying out of the structure and slamming round a rather long bend over the queue. I scream, the car building!

steam for the fantastic finale. We can feel the car going faster and faster, reaching amazing speeds, barrelling towards the lift hill in one of the most frightening parts on a roller coaster, and manoeuvre a near-impossible right-left pair of turns, and a sudden dip ensures that there is no recovering on this nightmarishly fast little flight, throwing us into the air, then, at incredible speeds, blasting towards a very solid wall before turning at fantastic speeds, throwing us into the side of the car, and barrelling through one last turn, and ramming into the brakes.

The whole finale takes about ten seconds.

A fantastic ride with an insane finale, this little ride should be ridden on each visit to the pleasure beach, though one trip is enough to satisfy anyone.


-Takes up a tiny amount of space (this is vital at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, for even a chips stand struggles to find a spot among the clutter and madness of the park)
-Rough in a good way


-Can be painful
-A bit of a squeeze to fit

I love how this ride is fantastically unique, and is built with the idea (as John Phillips pointed out), saying "Make the ride extreme, if it's too much for people, they don't have to ride it", The Big One's shallow hills and re-profiled (i.e., sanitised) first drop perfectly demonstrate the philosophy of "if the people can't handle it, tame it down for them".

Cosmo Jenkins

I LOVE this ride, its a shame it does not bigger, it's totally insane with nearly out of control feeling. The corners are wicked as you think the cars are gonna get ripped off when there are 2 people in the car. Wish Blackpool was near to where I live.

James Culver

I find this ride terrifying. Not only do I fear the mouse will fly off the track at any moment, but it bashes me about something rotten, the track is absolutely devilish, the cars are small, poky and rely on using the other passenger as padding, and I've got to duck on the lift hill to avoid my head getting ripped off by a passing mouse overhead.

For all these reasons the ride deserves a 5 out of 5.

David Wilcock

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