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I think it right on the spot because the coaster wasn't made for real thrill seekers but also for smaller childeren and gandparents (although not the ones around 90!). It would have been nice if it was longer though.


So what if the ride is somewhat lacking? The mere fact it isn't a space themed dark ride makes it original enough. And the in-queue laser show is just glorious - I nearly cried!

Catherine Brooks

I agree with the show (not that I cried though!), and although the ride is a bit too dark inside (could have put stars in there for example), I think it is just perfect. I think the whole of Efteling is rather over-rated myself, the only good rides other than Vogel Rok are Villa Volta and Dream Flight. Python, Pegasus and the Bobsleigh are all appalling, and I don't know how people can slag off Vogel Rok with monstrosities like this elsewhere.

Jenny Olafe

Vogel Rok is a boring coaster. The first time he was fun, but when you go in for the 4th time or something a year later, itís really boring. The entrance is maybe nice with a big bird, but when you pass the bird, you see an ugly building. Fata Morgana, Droom Vlucht (Dream Flight) and Villa Volta are much better


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Vogel Rok

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