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About the question if did ban the curse of Hugo after you went on Villa Volta:

Of course not! He actually says: "Only a person with the innocence of a new-born child can relieve me from this curse", and babies/very small children are not allowed in Villa Volta. So there you have it: no one can (and will) break the curse ;-)


I love Villa Volta. That catchy name (along with the outstanding music of the ride buzzing in your head) alone says it all. Wonderful.

In addition, I don't agree with the 'main' review on one point. That review states that it is a 'shame' that Villa Volta doesn't stop upside down, but I do think stopping upside down kills the Mad House-illusion, for then you feel you're not upside down, but you should feel like you are upside down. Even a 3-second pause upside down can kill the illusion (look at Feng Ju Palace!). And that would be a shame for Villa Volta.

Mark Vries

It's a great ride, although the story gets boring after a while and you wish the ride itself would last longer. But all the effects and details are just excellent. And as is said the music is also very good, the only melody in the Efteling that can compete with it is the one from Carnival Festival (nice to ride when your having something to eat and drink).


Unbelievable ride

Frank Van de Pol

I loved Villa Volta. The theming is top class and the ride could easily hold it's own in any Disney park. It makes a change to ride a REAL family attraction.

Rob Cawood

AMAZING!!! I live here in Kaatsheuvel, just 2 miles from it. Every time I visit de Efteling, I need to visit Villa Volta. It's fantastic.

Jochem Giesbers

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Villa Volta

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