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Looking at your review, and the reviews above, it's obvious this is a ride nobody can agree on! I think one thing everyone can agree on though is that it most certainly isn't the most spectacular ride in the world.

Peter Salomans

I love the idea of Valhalla, but it is poorly done and is far too wet. News flash: The north doesn't have the weather for it.

Michelle Smith

I rode Valhalla for the first time this year, and it really did surprise me. I loved the station, the soundtrack was so distinctive and I felt It really complimented the ride.

I rode nine times in a day, and six the day after and not one effect was down, so from what I've read on the net I either got VERY lucky or BPB has got their act together this year.

Stephen Whitfield

Better this season, but a long way to go until it meets the hype.

The Peuse Brothers

At last! A water ride that isn't pathetic in the amount of water that ends up on you! I liked the special effect and the drops. OK it isn't as an adrenalin pumping ride as some of the coasters, but it is pretty damned good for what it is. As for the story of Valhalla, well no I didn't get it. But if I want a story I'll go to the library and get a book.

Simon Batchelor

I seriously think Blackpool wanted this to be a really spectacular ride, I really do. But I hate it. Seriously - bashing from side to side, boat capsizing, every effect involving splashing water on you. I love the ending though, although disagree that the drops are any good. I think a drop at the end would be OK, but only the one. People go in for a spectacular dark ride, and the ride system is just such a distraction.

Roger Smike

I disagree with some points mentioned in your review, I find this ride the best at BPB and the atmosphere amazing! Every time I have rode Valhalla Every Effect has worked. As for people saying its too wet, they shouldn't ride in the first place if they are so bothered!

Truly a spectacular ride with amazing features!

Jay Holmes

The drops are excellent and are worth getting wet for. Time spent avoiding getting a soaking prevented me from seeing most of the effects - less water, more effects needed.

Debbie Harvey

I thought Valhalla was beautiful. It flowed and gave me a real buzz I went on the ride three times in a row, even though I was ill before when I first got to Blackpool it was the only ride I enjoyed.

Kayleigh Friend

Valhalla is truly the most amazing water ride I have been on, and believe me, I have been on a lot!

Its just the most intense, atmospheric water ride I have been on.

I think people are giving this ride too much criticism.

For people who say its too wet, then there is a warning before you even enter "you WILL get wet, you MAY get soaked", Of course this depends where your sitting. I personally believe that sitting in the middle seats you are less wet, however the front (especially) and the back do seem to get an awful lot of water poured at you.

The ride seems to change somewhat each time I go on it, sitting at the front does leave me soaked, after the first drop, there's a rainbow-shaped water feature going from side to side, which does leave you rather wet, but if that wasn't enough right after that there's a waterfall that literally is like a hosepipe of water going down on you (it seems to stop for the people behind the front seats though). The second drop leaves me breathless, you simply crash down the first drop, and then there's mini bumps which gives me a good buzz! The fire is really hot, which is needed after the water experience!

The water certainly does not put me off from riding, I think most theme parks which have water rides are too cautious of how much water you do actually get, and what you get is a spray of water here and there, which doesn't give you a good thrill.

I do advise people who simply want the ride and not the water to either purchase a 1 raincoat, ride on a hot summers day, sit in the middle seats, or just do not ride it, because you will get wet no matter where you sit!

Overall, the ride is a totally amazing experience which I enjoyed from start to the finish, but this isn't for the light-hearted who are fussy about getting wet, or being in the dark.

Matthew Wolstenholme

To be fair...the ride isn't intended to be smooth and keep you dry, otherwise you might as well peddle a swan on a lake at Lightwater valley. The bumpyness and wetness are what makes it so fun and exciting, I wouldn't have paid what I did if I expected it to be boring. In my opinion the effects were amazing and it doesn't need to be an educational ride, as it would probably loose all of it's appeal if there was someone shouting about the Vikings whilst you were trying to have one of the most exciting rides of your life. I think this ride was unfairly rated as I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I loved it. one of the best rides I've been on, which to be fair isn't loads because I'm a big wimp, but still...great. the whole point of it is that you get wet, so those people complaining about the water are really stupid...considering there is a huge sign at the beginning stating 'You WILL get wet, you may get soaked' think before you go on a ride like that if you dislike water! Many more people would be disappointed if they just got a few drops on them rather than a healthy soaking. classic ride, i want to go again.


I have to agree with the review here. This seems to be a ride that everyone either loves or hates! I know there is a huge sign at the entrance saying you will get wet, but I'd argue strongly that there is no need to get wet as Valhalla is a DARK RIDE not a LOG FLUME. Pirates of the Caribbean is far more effective in this respect, so is River Caves too. I really like the idea of the ride, and the effects are good when they work, I just don't want to get soaked just to enjoy such a good dark ride.


Obviously the people who said this ride was rubbish or simply did not meet there expectations, went on the ride on a bad day.

Valhalla is without a doubt one of the best rides in Britain, and stands out as a stepping stone, with the mass use of effects unlike any other ride in Britain.

When Valhalla was originally marketed you could not avoid but here the story behind the ride. Almost every newspaper, including good ones such as the Times gave away maps and booklets about the ride and the story of Valhalla. Once you know this story, the ride is much more "dramatic" and exciting. Last season there were numerous problems with the ride during there 1 a ride season, including no lightning effects, poor fire effects and numerous other small bits of scenery not working, but when the park opened for peak season, everything worked fine, making me believe the effect problems were deliberate (money saving so and so's).

Demaine Ward


I like Valhalla, but I have to agree with the review in that you do get wet. To those who scream "WELL IT SAYS YOU'LL GET WET, DON'T GO ON IT", well, I just want to go on it, enjoy the atmosphere and effects without having to spend most of my time cowering. It's simple really.



I feel that your review is unfair. You have criticised a fantastic (in the sense of fantasy) ride using logical, drawn-out, analytical remarks. For any themed ride to work you must enter into it with an open mind, and you must use your imagination to contribute to your rides enjoyment.... Oh... and TOO WET????? IT IS A WATER RIDE! People generally go on water rides to get wet!

I feel that Valhalla is currently the best themed water ride I have seen (an I have seen a lot!), however I do agree with the reviewer's remarks about needing to sort out the music!

Stephen Tait


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