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You get probably too wet, Spain is only hot for a couple of months, but the drop is fantastic and really makes you think you are going go flying. The queues whilst it is hot are something awful, but at least you get a ride out of it.

Simon Casey

I get the strange feeling of deja-vu here, going around a bit, going up and going down, getting wet at the end. Luckily, I love the drop more than on most and the scenery is not too bad at all.

Jerry Hallet

You are being a bit vague I think, Jerry. The concept on coasters is the same too, going up, going around, going down. Tutuki Splash is the only one (I know of) to take you around an active volcano, and there are few with a double drop. I know you hardly slated off the ride, but I think you missed the point somewhat!

Jo Briman

True, but don't forget the 'going around' bit is floating around looking at not much, whereas the 'going around' bit on coasters is normally different. I'm glad this bit is quite short on Tutuki Splash, plus you go around the volcano a bit, so I don't think it is a bad ride, by any stretch. But I stand by my above comments!!

Jerry Hallet

When I was in Port Aventura in November of 2002 I felt great. I was on every ride, and I liked very much Tutuki Splash. It's fantastic and I am planning to go once again there.


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Tutuki Splash

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