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I never expected such a dated and antiquated ride to be such a laugh! It was going so fast I could smell burning (seriously). Turbine is one of those nostalgia rides that really has a feel-good factor when you ride it. Class.

Catherine Brooks

It is rare you have a complete minute of action in a ride. It is like Superman The Ride, just better.

John Williams

Sharp, Blunt, Brutal (and that's just the launch) - a wonderful example of the work of the great Anton - although the building does tend to trap the smell of hot grease a little too much... This ride is all about that launch, and it's just perfect.

Tom Marshall

Cool ride, one of the oldie's in Six Flags Belgium but the most popular!


Turbine is the best coaster that I have ever done. Its a ride of 29 sec but when your on you have no time to think. I'm glad that I live in Belgium and that I can go every weekend to Six Flags. I have a very good contact with the operators so I have a lot of ERT on the turbine. Anton Schwartzkopf was really a master.

Steven Leers

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