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For adults, the ride loses it's pinaz quite quickly. The first ride is good, you can spot some funny things dotted around, but it soon looses it's novelty leaving only the kids entertained. The fountain finale on the Bubble Works is still enough to keep everyone entertained.

Simon Montague

I must be a kid at heard then! I love it, it's really colourful, the music is great (been there, got the CD!) and the sets are great. I agree with the review about the final scene, the gnomes on the fairy cakes look really out of place for example, but the funny touches like the swinging breasts on the hippo crack me up.

Kelly Webster

There are lots of things that make this ride as fun for adults as for kids, and you really have to worry at the sanity of the people who created the ride. This highlights the poor scenes more, some are crammed with jokes and puns (the first part, for example), and then there is the final scene that relies too heavily on glitter and music. It is fantastic, but let down in a few places.

Barry Tickner

It is original and good fun. It is really colourful, and for the kids, perfect. My children love it, and they're at such an age you can leave them to go on it (again and again) whilst I ride the Corkscrew. I am getting bored of it, my kids are not, and that's all that matters.

Gareth Findlay

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