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I think Tomb Blaster is the best indoor ride that I have ever been on. The atmosphere can be felt from the minute you leave the station and all the way through the ride. It gets off to a great start with the winds effect giving you the impression of a dark windy night! Going on and through I think the music that is there certainly fits the story behind it. 10/10 to Chessington and Tussauds, I will always ride the Tomb Blaster, no matter what!

Richard Cook

A brilliant scenic ride, the shooting element is wicked. Avoid sitting at the back of the carriage to get a high score


They have completely trashed this ride now. There's no story, there's no fun and there's no laughter.

Ben Aspey

I love this ride! It really sucks you in once you get into it and some of the effects are truly spectacular. I love the cobra at the end. The music really adds to the atmosphere, with a theme tune that I've been humming to myself for the past six months! Well done Tussauds! You've really outdone yourselves this time!

Richard Copperwaite

A superb update of the original. You can still follow the story while playing. It is great fun, even though your finger starts to hurt after a while. Go on it.

Andrew Jack

Much better than Forbidden Tomb.

Dr. Nick

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Tomb Blaster

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Ow. My finger hurts. Simon
Good fun, bad RSI. Kelly
All Smoke, no story. Tim
Bring back the Gorg. Katie
Die evil bugs, die! Mummy