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Water rides are just so much better than roller coasters. This is the best ride I have ever been on so... its great getting and watching other people get drenched!


A very good ride. I recommend you ride it first then "spin dry" on Nemesis Inferno or Colossus.

Chris Lee

A top ride, chaps, but for a bit of a soaking but not a huge one try the front of the ride, crazy as it may seem.

Jacko Kelly

This is a fantastic water ride and is a lot better than hydro at Oakwood leisure park in Wales for the following reasons:

1) Theming: Hydro's theming in my opinion is a load of rubbish compared to Tidal Wave and is a lot more imaginative (even the name, what kind of a name is hydro?)

2) Loading and queue: What I really hate about I hydro is waiting to get on. There is only 1 boat on Hydro and to go round once seems to take an eternity. Therefore the queue hardly moves most of the time. This is made even more boring by not much to look at and no music whatsoever. On tidal wave there is always a boat in the station, so the queue is constantly on the move. You can see most of the ride most of the time and they play really good music like Elvis' jailhouse rock while you're waiting

Overall, the drop on Tidal Wave and Hydro are about the same, and are both really good. However, I'm so bored by the time I get to go on hydro so you feel like you've had a better time on tidal wave, and is the best water ride I've ever been on! Well done Hopkins!

Michael Joyce

I love the theme for tidal wave. they should release a CD in Thorpe Park for you to buy. I love all the tunes but have no idea what they're called and who they're by. Does anybody know some of their names?

Someone please tell me the names of these great tracks!

Wisam Khayat

Someone really mucked up their market research. In a park full of water rides I see no need for yet another. Whilst the ride is probably the best in the park, I am just a little bit bored of water rides in a country that is too cold and wet for them.

Jo Briman

Whilst the drop is good, the ride is just too short. It is like Oblivion without the adrenaline. In it's favour though, it is great fun to watch, more so than to ride.

Cat Mason

Why does it need to be longer though? Anything else would just be floating around a channel looking at nothing. I think length wise it is fine, the drop is fantastic, and watching that splash is just incredible.

Simon Casey

Most rides like this have two drops. The queue is quite clever having you look at the remains of buildings, the start of the ride could be like this. Whilst I wouldn't want five minutes of floating before a drop, it would be nice to have a little substance to the ride.

Cat Mason

Cat, I agree. It is too short. I love the ride though, it is just a shame that it is over in a second. I think Oblivion is like this too, but that works better as it scares the pants off you!

Gary Williams

This ride is absolutely fantastic it is one of the best water rides that I have ever been on. It is not too short it is just right.

Christopher Denny

This ride kicks ass. The height, the force that you are going at is so brill.


Great on a sunny day

Les Hughes

I loved it! I don't think this ride is too short, and if you want a more "relaxed" ride, I'd suggest the Loggers Leap. There is plenty of floating around there. The Tidal Wave is based on the short track, the big drop and the even bigger splash and I quite like it that way

Joli Islendingur

I think that Tidal Wave is a great ride, with brilliant theming. In the 'pier 13' hut, it's great when the water hits the glass. The only trouble is that the poncho machine never seems to work! I like the music!

Madeleine Jennings

Tidal Wave Is a fantastic ride and has a great drop. I think its better than Colossus

Mark Jones

An incredible ride. Lets just say that what looks like a dense mist is actually gallons and gallons of water. If you really feel the need to be hit by another tsunami, you can wait for the next boat on Pier 13 (how cheesy!). For proof of how badly hit Amity Cove was, look out for the wrecked KFC nearby.

Felix Macpherson

A totally addictive ride which rarely builds a massive queue. Great for cooling down or warming up for some of the park's bigger rides.

Sam Kirsop

A typical ride with more than typical theming. It is good but gets you a bit too wet.

Andrew Jack

A fantastic ride but the long queues in the summer months are horrendous.

However, I have a disability for which I am entitled to a disabled parking badge. Go to customer services when you arrive, fill out a form and get a bright orange armband and four/five yellow for your "helpers", then you don't have to queue for hours in uncomfortably stuffy and boring queues for any of the rides. And dont forget to ask to get in as a disabled person with one carer at a much lowered price (10 last time I went for both us each as opposed to the normal 20-25)

However, you need proof that you are disabled and if so then you can enjoy the park properly rather than spend 2 hours waiting to go on a ride that turns out to be pants.

Gemma Tombs

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