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After all the hype, I was really expecting something special from this ride. I wasnít exactly left disappointed, just didnít understand what all the fuss was about, especially 'that' famous second drop that people have talked about, which didn't exactly take me by surprise or blow me away. Yes the airtime is there, yes itís a whole lot of fun to ride, yes the terrain is used to great effect, but itís not the best wooden coaster out there in my opinion. Give me Tonnerre de Zeus or Balder any day.

Carl May

I have never ridden anything like it. Thunder Coaster absolutely blew me away. I was jumping around like a kid when I got off.

Esther Jorn

Move over Megafobia - Thunder Coaster is simply perfect.

Tom Marshall

I have ridden Megafobia and enjoyed it. I used to love it, but Thunder Coaster is just about perfect in every way. Tonnerre De Zeus has the edge, just, but it is just incredible. The second drop is insane.

Eleanor Bright

Although the helix on Tonnerre De Zeus is a far better way to close a ride, I really can't choose between the two. Thunder Coaster is all that.

Simon Hurst

The ride is superb, but it is the second drop I love. The rest is great, but offers no more than Megafobia (on a good day) or Tonnerre De Zeus (on any day). I know it does HAVE the second drop, but the Big One has the first drop, and isn't really that good. Thunder Coaster is superb, but the rest of the ride pales in comparison to the first part.

Michael Smith

Thunder Coaster is a really excellent ride, with relentless pace and loads of airtime. I preferred the back seats but there is airtime in every seat. The Vekoma trains are pretty comfortable and provide an excellent view, especially in the front seat. The natural terrain has really been used to full effect. Congratulations to Robert Casey at Allott and Lomax for such a brilliant design. It is now my number one wooden coaster, leapfrogging both Megafobia and Shivering Timbers.

David Ellis

I went to the park on the opening day, queued for Thunder Coaster for like one hour, and got the front seat. The sight was amazing... the coaster is so beautiful, and it is very fun to see all the people queuing all over the place, sort of. The ride from the front seat... I'm not going into details (I don't have to, Marcus said it all really:), but even if the ride was great, I didn't like it THAT much. I don't know, I would have expected more Gs and I also like a bit rougher coasters.

But: on my next ride, I was in the back seat. And what a difference! I don't have words to describe this, but it was my best experience on a woodie so far! So I decided to go for the back of the train for the rest of the day.

I'm so happy about this, I would never believe that it would take me just one and a half hour car ride to get to the greatest wooden coaster I've ever ridden.

Stine Olsen

Mental. No, not me but this ride... My first ever ride was on the back seat and I was hanging on for dear life. THAT 2nd drop is the most fantastic drop Iíve ever experienced. There are 12 hills and 12 spots of air-time and the laterals are something else. This is the only coaster that Iíve fought with and lost. Great, great ride.

John Livesey

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Thunder Coaster

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