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A major issue manufacturers and park owners MUST consider, when developing or installing an new ride, is safety, and reasonably comfy restraints. This ride has neither, which leads me on to ask why AT ever installed it in the first place.

Was it an accident, or was this ride really meant to squash the lard out of you? It's like sitting for 120 seconds under a 1000lb car! OH NOOOO!!!!

Joe C

I rode submission on a quiet day when you could walk straight on and be certain of the front seat. It was a good ride under these conditions but I wouldn’t recommend anyone queuing for more than 15 minutes for it.

Paul West

An interesting and different ride from the rest of the X-Sector. I didn’t mind queuing 20 minutes for it and I could probably bare waiting half an hour. I wasn’t on the front seat but its still a nice new ride.

William Pratt

Boring, disappointing, too much publicity for such a low-key ride.

Kelly Cameron

What a waste of space. This ride has very little theming, just being placed in a concrete pit. When the second restraint comes down it licks tightly. As the ride rotates it gets worse and worse. The pain is unimaginable. The restraints hurt so much. Get rid of it.

Andrew Jack

Submission is a good ride but the restraints are painful and get worse as the ride goes along which left me with a stomach ache a bad bruising. It's a good thriller but the pain of the lapbars is awful and ruins the experience. The ride lasts too long and after a few swings I got used to it and the adrenaline and thrills left me. It's a good ride but could do with some adjustments.

Laurie Roberts

Submission completely misses the mark for me, a very average ride which becomes almost sickly when your held in the inverted position.

There couldn't be much more wrong with this 'investment,' everything down to the bag storage and queue line is a mess.

Steven Whitfield

Ow. That's the one word most people mutter as they exit this beautiful attraction. When entering X-Sector, Submission is one of the first things to catch your eye. Why is that? It looks really intense! When both sides run at the same time, it just looks absolutely fabulous!

The queue-up is fairly short, if a tad boring (you can only enjoy watching Oblivion cars race around the track a few times). Around the back, back and forth a few times. Finally, it's your turn.

Now, here one of the several flaws presents itself. If you sit anywhere but the very front, all you see is an incredibly ugly headrest. Bad. The shoulder restraint clamps down. Then, the menacing "giant spatchula of doom" begins to lower, inching closer to your pelvis. Suddenly, it thrusts down, and pushes your restraint into your lap with the strength of twenty men. This, mates, is known as the "nutcracker".

Slowly, the arm rocks back and forth, the car rocking in the opposite direction. Back..... forth.... back.... forth..... It reaches the top. For a moment, you hang at the top, slowly rocking, causing your wallet to slowly dislodge from your pocket, hanging on for dear life. The arm swoops down.... very.... very.... s-l-o-w-l-y.

Around a few times at an excruciatingly slow pace, then the other direction. Your wallet is clinging on by a thread.

The car comes to a stop. The "nutcrackers" raise (a sigh of relief comes from all the males on the ride), and so do the restraints. Everybody walks off, some with slightly crossed legs, and some with dead feet. Almost everyone mutters, "Ow."


-Looks good.


-Badly Designed
-Waste of space
-Did I mention the pain?

Cosmo Jenkins

You Enter the X-Sector, The atmosphere is set, You hear the screams of 16 people with death wishes on Oblivion and then you see the overlarge bread-Knife. It moves with all the velocity of my grandmother's electric sity down thing that rides on pavements getting in everybody's way. You enter the 1 minute queue line and you are told 5,000,000,000,000,000 times if you are ready to challenge this big pile of tarted up junk. You finally sit down and the concrete harnesses come down and then comes the sound of crushing and you wonder whether it is the sound of your mobile phone or your pelvic area. It starts to move and the pressure is really on, quite literally. and then it stops at the top and your Belongings drop out and you realise that it was not your phone being crushed. it finally stops and you get off in great relief.

It is a shame that there is not a 0 star rating because this ride is Crap! It is nearly as bad as Big Ben Ride.

No Name Supplied

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