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A good ride with brilliant theming - and a simply amazing queue line, I wouldn't mind standing through that for an hour, excellent attention to detail.

The ride is a laugh throughout, smooth and thrilling, with one draw back - the reverse drop is too wet by a country mile - not enjoyable.

Move over Tidal Wave and Hydro - a new soak master is in town - and the drop is half the size!


The ride is fun, but the park really should learn how to look after their rides before Storm Force 10 ends up like the Haunting.

Catherine Brooks

Indeed, the backwards drop is just dire. I love Storm Force though, even with this feature, and so-long as you're not in the back, you'll love it, just like me!

Jenny Olafe

Excluding Apocalypse, this is the best ride in the park. It shows some creativity at last, not just floating around in a fibre-glass log. They really ought to clean the water though, the theme could be mistaken for a sewer.

Stewart Almany

Absolutely brilliant. My first visit to Drayton Manor in 2000 was highlighted by this wonderful ride, everything is just perfect on it and I enjoyed it more than Apocalypse and I was sitting on the back row. Luckily I just laughed the pre-emptive water strike and left some body shaped marks on the car seats

Chris Keating

I live in Tamworth and worked on this ride for almost a full season for a pittance might I add. The backwards drop is a bit too much, as I had many a complaint. It is however a fabulous ride. Peoples experience is hindered by queue jumping and general poor behaviour by teenagers, although 19 myself. Well Done Farmer Studios & Bear.


This has to be one of the best water rides in the UK. The drops are great especially the huge 3rd one and the reverse drop. The theming is great. This would get 5/5 if it was not for the fact it is tooo wet. (For the Midlands at least)

Dave Morrissey

It is quite scary and if you sit at the back then you will get absolutely drenched.

Kirsty Ashby

An outstanding ride compared to any other water ride. The backwards drop is amazing and the water effects are superb!

Ben Aspey

This is the best water ride I have been on. Great theming while queuing, three good drops the only negative is that you get too wet especially in the back seat.

Peter Wilson

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