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I like Stealth. It's a buzz. However, whilst it represents going really fast, rather high it also personifies a lot of points I don't like about Tussauds investment. Should at 10 million, 'icon coaster', a sheer crowd puller, simply "do the job?"

It's a hard argument to push - the attraction is pulling in big numbers, and as I've said, theirs plenty of a lot I do like about the ride. I even enjoy it's atmosphere and soundtrack - the interactivity of the queue's TV monitors, texting the DJ, the shoutouts, screams care and originality. But the ride remains 13 seconds long - an electric shock, a trip to A&E, and a smooth ride home. Nemesis Inferno, Colossus, and even Tidal Wave represent fuller, more fluent rides than Stealth - the theming of which employs the craftiest use of 'minimalism' since Air's 'subtle and graceful' guise.

In short, good, but really not that good.

John Thorp

OK - so it's neither taller nor faster than Kingda-Ka; but then again, its something completely new for the UK, it has a much swifter-moving queue line, and, quite frankly, I think it's a great addition to the park.

The launch is great fun - not too powerful to scare "medium-scale" riders, but punchy enough to pack in a whole loada laughs. The Top hat is clean, smooth and laden with air-time, and your backside doesn't hit ground zero until way after the brakes have kicked in.

Theming is dubious and sparse - but with a ride like this - the launch, and the expressions of the riders, is the theme; and in the open plan area where Stealth is situated, you get plenty of opportunity to witness this, and it sure passes the time in an agreeable way.

Nice to see efficient, enthusiastic staff too.

Fraser Grant

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