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It's great fun. It is only a simulator though, a genre that I hardly get too excited about.

Simon Hurst

Glorious. I am a Star Wars fanatic (yes, I know I'm sad) and I get really enthusiastic about the ride. The queuing is a bore though - as there is always a queue.

Michael Terry

Love it. I think it is perhaps the best ride at Disneyland Paris. It has the build up and the simulator part is just a great hoot.

Katherine Ridgedale

One of the best simulators out there.

Tom Marshall

Somehow over-ated, I found Star Tours slow, thrill-less and a real come down after just riding Space Mountain. The storyline was good though but it could be better, it could be a real coaster.

Christopher Davis

If you don't understand French, listening to the robot is a good laugh, but you miss the jokes. :(

But a good ride and queue.

Benin De'Giovanni

It was kinda fun, even for people who don't speak French or aren't star wars fans. For the insiders: at the end of the ride you can see (trough a window) George Lucas duck for our incoming spacecraft.


I simply adore Star Tours... And I must admit that I am not a huge fun of simulators...

It is woryj if you have to wait for a few minutes... the waiting queue its fantastic with the stellar map, the robots, the tower control...

And the Star Pilots are just great...

The flight... to be along with Rex on the way to Endor... in the space along with the stars... with the other star pilots...TERRIFIC!!!!

May The Force Be With You!!!


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Star Tours

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