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Spinball Whizzer, like countless other Alton attractions, is an above average and potentially memorable attraction. Sadly it is marred by the stereotypical Alton problems, poor loading, advantage of hotel guests forking out hundreds for little privileges causing overlong queues. Spinball Whizzer is worth your time, but is essentially a far better little roller coaster than it is a full fledged family attraction. And in a park with the popularity and stature of Alton Towers, that's quite worrying.

John Thorp

Hmm. Last week I visited Cedar Point for the first time ever. Amazing park etc etc, and I rode the biggest, fastest roller coaster in the world after queuing for 45 minutes. I come home, visit Alton Towers. It's dirty, busy etc etc, and I ride a small family coaster and have to queue 2.5 hours for the privilege. Absolutely disgraceful. The ride is fun and pretty decent for it's size, but have to agree that the queue is completely out of control. 

Dominic Burns

I want to disagree, really I do, but the queue was too long. I loved Spinball, but would never queue for over an hour for it. I visited on a quiet day, but just couldn't get on it. Such a shame. I really enjoyed Spinball, but I think it will be a few years before I get on it again!

Terry Barnborough

I caught Spinball after a breakdown so didn't have to queue for more than 20 minutes. I loved this ride... fun for everyone.


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Spinball Whizzer

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