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Fantastic. It is really fast, loopy and clever. Not having been on other launched coasters it is hard to compare, but Space Mountain just blows me away every time!

Simon Hurst

Space Mountain is a really mixed up ride. It has two loops and an over banked turn, but the rest is like Thunder Mountain with turns and twists. It is too dark, the launch is like a lift-hill, and why put over-head restraints on it? Just to bash your head in? It is novel, clever and ground breaking, just very, very over-rated.

Michael Smith

Over-rated? I can think of very few rides that are quite as immersive, ground breaking, clever and original as Space Mountain. I think it is quite smooth in the middle, although there I agree that you can't really see anything.

Damian Varley

What is the point of having a launch when by the time you actually do move at a speed that could be mistaken for a launch, you're two thirds of the way up?! And then it has the cheek to stop at the top (almost!). The rest of the ride is not bad, although it does lack a lot. The effects inside could also be better (the moon is a real letdown, for example).

Katherine Ridgedale

I liked Space Mountain, it's not the smoothest of rides, there are two noticeable jolts, one during the corkscrew and one during what I think was an over-banked turn (?) near the end of the ride. However the music and extra padding on the restraints made these almost mute points. The launch isn't as good as it could be, then again I don't think it was intended as a Hulk/Rock and roller coaster blast-off

Gav Doult

Wow. I got on the ride with fairly low expectations since any Disney attempt at a major ride I'd seen before hadn't been too fantastic. But I'm glad to say that the ride was fantastic. It was in my opinion incredibly smooth and the padded head rests certainly beat those on the Indiana Jones Ride. My only causes of complaint is the fact that the train slows at the top of the launch hill, and the incredibly noisy end brakes, but apart from that I could sit there all day. Congrats to Disney on such an ace ride.

James Bullock

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris must be one of my favourite rides of all time, complete enjoyment from start to finish, the music is very well choreographed with the affects. This ride is different from anything I have been on before, with the exception of the Aerosmith coaster, at MGM Studios Florida. If you see everyone’s faces when people get off the ride, you can see they have thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Chris Blackwall

My neck has just stopped hurting at last after I wrecked it by riding this unbelievable ride 7 times non-stop! I've just got back from a school trip and to my surprise there was no wait to get on this ride! All together I rode this coaster 24 times in just 2 days!


The space mountain is a well themed ride and has some good spins and turns (even though its in the dark) As you get closer to the station there are TV screens with a woman talking about how scary this ride is and you are on a mission. As you enter the station there are 2 queues, one on the left and one on the right as you get in to one of the queues you go down some stairs and go to board the train while out the speakers blasts the Space Mountain tune. You are then whisked off and turned sharply around a corner then down a small hill. Then you go up the lift hill the train stops and then moves up further until it stops again and then a door on the side of the tunnel lifts up and the train speeds up to the top of the the hill. (this is the fastest part of the ride) Then you are then taken into a black hole turned round a tight left hand turn. You are then turned into helixes and loops until you come to a halt were your picture is taken.

Frances Louise Haigh

Space Mountain is a ride full of potential grandeur and panache - and these undermining features just highlight what a wasted opportunity it is. If not a bad ride, a sadly unremarkable one.

John Thorp

Space Mountain was the first coaster I went on, that went upside down, and I really enjoyed it! The theming was generally very good and the ride itself was okay. However the launch could be better and it can be quite rough, but I think it's still a good ride.

Andy Allen

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Space Mountain

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Rough, looping Black Hole. Katy
10mph launch into... space?! Anon