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In my opinion, Shockwave is a bit like Nemesis Inferno - they're both good rides and both certainly worth riding; but both give me the impression in one way or another that they could be, well, better than they are.

Shockwave's main problem is that after you've found the cunningly hidden entrance, navigated the truly horrific queue line and mastered the appalling restraints - you're faced with a ride that does the job it has to do but doesn't really even try to go that extra mile to make it great. It's good, and in places (particularly the stunning zero-g roll, without a doubt the ride's highlight) pretty good, but there's nothing about Shockwave to leave you wanting to shout about it. It's by no means a bad ride, and the stand-up position is fun, but the Shockwave experience as a whole is just a little under whelming.

Yes, Shockwave is worth riding, but once the novelty of standing up on a coaster has worn off you're left with a ride that, sadly, has no real draw to bring you back again and again...

Dale Wright

Shockwave is a good roller coaster to ride new experience but too short there is a bit of head banging going into the first loop but its not bad. The restraints are the best but thing which is great is u can ride it backwards, and if you jump just before your restraint locks you get a stand-up with your feet dangling


Shockwave's downfalls are in its terrible station, dead spot mid section and crappy trains - they really do need replacing.

However, the rest of the ride is much better - including a sublime heartline twist - probably the best inversion in the country, and excellent feeling of weightlessness as you tumble through the inversion followed by two excellent corkscrews, always worth a ride.

Just watch out for the turn into the vertical loop in the back seats - it breaks you in half if you don't brace yourself!

Harvey North

At first you go up the hill, nice and slowly. Then all of a sudden you go down the drop part of the drop is banked, then straight into a vertical loop, then straight into a zero-g roll and have your photo taken. Then along a straight then into a double corkscrew, round a corner then the brakes slam on.... which really pushes you forward into the restraints which hurts your stomach a bit. But apart from that its a great ride

Alex Coombs

1994 was a good year for coasters. Nemesis, The Big One and also Shockwave were all built in the same year costing around the same price. They were all unique to Europe but only Shockwave has kept its title.

Shockwave was and still is Europe's only Stand-Up roller coaster. Whilst the stand-up novelty is popular in American parks, the idea of spending hours in a day queuing for the rides and then to continue standing whilst riding hasn't appealed this side of the Atlantic.

This is possibly a shame, whilst Shockwave is nowhere near a superb coaster, the potential for rides like this is immense, offering, in my opinion, a more intense form of riding than Inverters. Drayton Manor did not make use of this unfortunately. It was to be their first major coaster, and it showed. Whether through lack of imagination or finance, the ride is plain from the layout to the colour (although parts have been repainted).

The ride is simple, up a painfully slow lift, down a drop and round a bend down a further drop into a loop. Up into a zero-g roll and then into a 2 second straight section before hitting the first corkscrew over the brake run, the next corkscrew follows immediately and then comes the banking turn back into the station and some horrendously sharp block brakes. The ride does not leave much to the imagination as all is clearly visible.

The queuing area deserves a review of its own. Underneath the station building, in the dark with no no-smoking enforcement whatsoever it is like being in a tomb. Litter infested, smelly, cramped and uneven it is possibly the worst queuing experience I've ever had. Some windows would suffice to add some air and light into it!

The ride is rough, but not uncomfortable, the restraints are fairly accommodating if a little hard. Shockwave is quite intense, especially through the zero-g roll and the stand-up element is extremely novel. The best riding position being the front row by far as some of the visuals are quite superb as you are so high up.

Overall, I think the ride is good and enjoyable. Perhaps not quite up to the scratch of its class of '94 colleagues but certainly a ride that Drayton should be proud to own.

Dan Thompson

Shockwave is a fantastic ride. Although weird & scary first time around. One word to the reviewer of Shockwave. It is not highly uncomfortable & it's not all that rough. What's wrong with you people. Live a little. Shockwave is the highest, fastest & probably most AMAZING ride I have ever ridden.


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