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I've obviously never been on Samurai at TP on a busy enough day. All the times I've been on it it's been absolutely outstanding, incredibly violent and yet very satisfying.

Sam Morris

Reviewing Samurai is hard. Firstly, I never experienced it in its original home at Chessington. Secondly, I have never been on any other Top Scans - the closest being Bling at Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

The queue is quite deceptive, not looking too long and at first offering some views over the lake. After queuing for at least 40 minutes, we finally boarded this Japanese warrior. The row numbers on the platform really do save a lot of time on a ride where - at least when I went on it - the loading times were slow at best.

My seat taken at the end of the row, I pull down my restraint, which isn't the definition of comfortable, but isn't bad either. And so, the ride begins.

Some of the visuals are fantastic, I loved it when it went over the trees and then over the lake. The ride lasted for a good length of time, I was surprised at how long it was.

Well, I came off happy and slightly dizzy. The rest of my group came off saying it was an Ok ride, but somewhat uncomfortable.

Although I've only been on once, comparing my views of Samurai to my groups views, sitting on the end of a row probably enhances the ride experience by a long way.

Good Points:

*Fantastic visuals
*Long ride time
*Great experience
*Good location

Bad Points:

*Poor loading and long queues
*Programme could be a bit more intense
*The colour scheme is a bit off


The programmes on a quiet day aren't incredible Andrew Crook [below]. Ride Skater in Germany or Extreme in France and then you'll experience incredible!


Excuse me?! How can anyone possibly take digs at the Samurai? Yes, the Samurai did have a better ride and better scenery at Chessington, but the ride is still great!

The program for Samurai is slow and the theming doesn't suit the ride, but the programs are getting better. On a quiet day the programs are unbelievable!

Andrew Crook

Tries its best, but frankly isn't even up to the standard of sister ride Zodiac. Frankly appalling ride, and such a shame to trample over the reputation off its former self at Chessington and any other operating top-scan

Not Just disappointing, but just rubbish

Mark Gilbert

I loved this ride at Chessington it was utterly wild. Now it's utterly lame and boring. The queue sucks and Thorpe Park keep messing around with the music. I'd have more fun on a park swing.

Alex Rider

How to ruin a brilliant ride in 3 easy steps:

1) Move it from its original location to another thrill heavy park
2) Make no attempt to disguise this fact
3) Run the ride less intense than at its first home

Basically, Thorpe have not only met the criteria, but taken it to new levels. Samurai is slow, short and boring, it looks plain and its theme music does not suit it. It is not themed in the slightest and is really only there to fill a gap in an empty year and to add to Thorpe's extensive collection of flat rides. An OK ride as it is, Rubbish compared to its former self.

Dan Thompson

Maybe I shouldn't give my opinion on this ride because I went on it when it was at Chessington but here are my thoughts: Samurai is absolutely awful! There is absolutely no point to this ride! Capacity is low, queue doesn't seem to go anywhere anytime fast, and all it does is throw you all over the place like a rag doll. Me and my dad came off a bit dizzy with a headache that lasted about half an hour. Why Thorpe Park ever wanted this ride I'll never know. The only thing good about it is the name Samurai, because it chops you up!

Michael Joyce

Look, reviewers, Samurai is not rubbish, it is a purely wonderful ride. That is because we went in the summer months & it was a quiet day, the only big queues being Colossus & Tidal Wave, Samurai's was about 5 mins, when Mum & Rachael were at the farm, I tried the Samurai seat & it was nice. Since Colossus had broken down, we decided to watch Samurai because the first time we saw it was closed. The ride lasted about 4 1/2 minutes & it was insane. People, reviewers, spin ride haters, don't be harsh on Samurai, it is a brilliant attraction. Thank you for your time:

Good Points:

Completely insane
Music is brilliant
Mixes in with Colossus

Bad Points:

I have yet to notice one

Danny Boy

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