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I thought the ride was great. For me, it was quite intimidating to watch as I passed through the gates into the Theme Park but once it gets going, the "Rush" is superb.

The problem, I feel, is that the ride has little impact on the stomach, especially after Slammer! But it is a great way to draw in people who wish to experience the incredible sensation of a freefall, but do not want the full sensation. It is a great step down from Slammer.

Nick Gould


This is an extraordinarily brilliant ride. The theming is interesting, you have to queue five minutes max and it is very intense and very fast. I think that it is very different to any other ride that I have ridden.

It isn't similar to vortex at all. Vortex just seems a blur, whereas on this, you can see how high you are and you really feel the speed. This is much better than Slammer because the queue is shorter, and it is much better: On slammer you sit down, you pull your harness down then your lap bar.

Staff then push these down so tight, that your back seems to crack. After a very long time of waiting, the stupid aaaaa, aah, aaaaaa, stlye music come on and you veeeeeeery slowy get pulled up. You think great, this is going to be fast and fun, but you will get let down in both. You slowly tilt forwards or backwards and start too spin. This is a painful experience as the breast shaped harness digs deep into your shoulders.

It is excruciatingly painful. You then stop and the same happens the other way. You now stop and very slowly drop down and that is it. I found this a bit of a let down, and I think that it should go much faster, so that you can actually feel some G-Force.

On Rush you simply sit down, lower your lap bar and off you go. You really feel exposed, almost as if you are flying. The ride then stops and you think, bloody hell that was good, and do this for another 5 times. The forwards drop feels similar to Oblivion and the swoop feels like the great feeling of speed on RITA. The best bit is where you fall backwards as the airtime is immense. Overall, a great, simple and very fun experience. Also a good theme tune.



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