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When I first went to Thorpe Park, and it was just called Thunder River Rapids, I used to enjoy it as it was much faster and rougher than it is now. The last time I went on it I nearly fell asleep on the ride. Very bad decision of Thorpe Park to change it.

William Wright

It was actually a good rapids ride at the start of the season... until they decided to run it on 'snail mode', my 10 year old brother can make more waves than what this ride delivers.

Tom Brickman

The news of a Rapids Retheme got many excited. This would be the first rapids ride in the UK that would have a more substantial theme then a wild west river. People naturally compared the theme to that of the American theme park rapids. Whilst nothing of this nature would ever be reachable, the result was atrocious.

The worst aspect of the ride MUST be the new boats. With little to know comfort of rails, kids slide along seats and get catapulted to the floor when the boat hits the side or a rock. 

The sharp jars hurt adult riders backs, and the boat simply is not in the station long enough for eight riders to board. 

The channel of water, in an attempt to liven up the right, has slowed boats down as they struggle to traverse the completely un-natural water channels. 

Wet riders will only be so due to a few hidden water jets that have nothing to do with the theming that could be oh so easily accommodated to be interactive with the boat. 

People leave the ride not wet, not thrilled, not excited, not best pleased. The photo booth showing hoards of pictures that have been off-time and only have half the boat in shot does not do much to liven spirits. 

To mimic the old Thunder River traits, Rumba Rapids does not help guests to "have a Super Day".

Lewis Cox

A seriously poor attraction. Barely a ride, or one of any calibre except for that tunnel which builds to a large anti-climax.

I've been on once- once too many. Typical Tussuads really its a shame with Tidal Wave, Colossus and Inferno this juts out like a cat on a coaster!

No Name Supplied

I don't see why you've even bothered to review this ride. The re-theme was intended to make this strictly a kiddy ride, and I find it unbelievable that so many people fail to realise this. And, as a kiddy ride, I think they've done it up quite well, although I agree it does stand out like a fluorescent paint stain on a black wall.

Richard Copperwaite

Don't go on this. It is a terrible ride. It sometimes has long lines. Most of the times I have been on I have never got wet. The only bit where you can get wet is the squirters next to the lift hill at the end. Since being refurbished the theming is better but it is still a bad ride.

No Name Supplied.

Retheme wasn't intended to make it a kiddy ride, hence the height restrictions. I see plenty of all ages go on it, so not sure where you got that idea from.

"Berry Angry"

The Ride isn't that bad at all. The tunnel is good with a waterfall and pipes. The end is not bad as well with sprays and a water tower. A very underestimated ride!

Ben Aspey

I actually think it's quite a relaxing ride to go on at the end of the day. Rides don't always have to get your kicker in a twist.

Jacko Kelly

I think that this ride is actually fairly well themed and I think that it is actually painted quite well. Any way the contract with Ribena will run out eventually so the berries might go. this is better than thunder river.


This ride is an absolute joke! I went on once and when I saw the queue to get back on I began to feel sorry for the people at the back. The ride was really short, there was hardly many rapids and when I got off I was as dry as a bone. If it was possible I'd give it no stars at all.

Michael Joyce

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Ribena Rumba Rapids

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As still as Ribena. Tim
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