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I recently went back to Blackpool and it was so nice to see the Rivercaves again after so long. It was like going back to my childhood, the ride hasn't changed at all which is a good thing. The best and most unique thing about this relaxing ride is the way your boat floats into these huge open halls like in the valley of the kings section, I love the vast cave opening where you can see people in the restaurant. 4 stars, but no where near as good as Valhalla obviously.

Anthony W

After reading the main review on Coaster Kingdom of the River Caves a few weeks ago, I decided it would be worth taking a few minutes out to try this classic dark ride.

It certainly lived up to my expectations. It's one of those rides which you don't care about special effects, you don't care about it having any real storyline, you just love it for what it is.

It feels like your riding through a piece of history, amusement park history anyway.

On ride, it actually feels like the boat is drifting along the water, more than you can say about the Pleasure Beaches rather dreadful log flume. I loved the whole ride, however the Valley of the Kings was probably my favourite area. The whole ride relies on creating an atmosphere, not making you focus on one big effect.

The outside of the ride also looks beautiful, and seems so magnificent but not trying to be intimidating like Valhalla does.

The reason it gets 4 stars not 5 from me is because of how badly the ending is done. From just before the lift hill to just after the small drop, it's all stopping and starting, and you can always see the boat in front of you. When the rest of the ride has been so relaxing and atmospheric, it seems like it's spoilt slightly by a rather clumsy ending, which stops you focusing on what is around you, and instead you end up concentrating on the stopping and starting. It just seems to spoil a ride which has ran so smoothly so far.

Apart from the ending, there is nothing I would change about The River Caves at Pleasure Beach Blackpool.


-A beautiful ride
-Escape from the real world and Blackpool for a few minutes
-Very relaxing
-Great atmosphere


-Graffiti all over the wall in the queue line
-the ending


This ride is so fun. I enjoy leaning sideways when the elephant squirts water at you. The theming on this ride is a little dull but the best bits are when you go past the rattling trains of the Gold Mine above your head also the final part is my best bit. If I'm sat on the front seat I have to duck for the drop so I don't get wet but I always come off the ride laughing my head off.


Lindsay Middleton

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River Caves