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Too much emphasis is based on the fountains and not enough on the quality of the ride which is a shame

Sarah Collingsworth


A slightly more rough version of Ripsaw at Alton Towers. It sometimes has long lines as it is treated as a main ride instead of a side attraction like Ripsaw.

Andrew Jack


Ok, here goes...

When recently visiting Chessington, Dragons Fury put me in a good mood-it was a good fun family coaster-just what the park needed. Then we went to Rameses.

At first we were getting excited because one of the guys operating it was giving quite long, intense, wet rides. This meant the queue was qoing slow but we didn't mind because it should have meant we got a better ride. But the go before ours, a lady took over who put it onto an automatic program, which was really short and really rubbish.

I ended up sitting next to a couple of girls, and (not meaning to be sexist here) even THEY were saying "come on, SPEED!"


Later in the day, (actually last ride of the day) we decided to give it another chance. And I am really, REALLY glad we did.

Not only did the ride operator run it on manual, he did some of the most intense movements the ride could carry out, and some fantastic tricks with the water. And as it was the very last ride of the day, he did it about 5 or 6 times after us all shouting again and clapping. And its not like each individual time was short-they were all long. So I reckon we were on the ride for nearly 10 mins in total. I was soaked but didn't care because not only was it a great ride, but the water was really warm!

The best movements he did was to lock the gondola, take it over and upside down 2 or 3 times then suddenly unlock it so it would swing head-over-heals about 3/4 times. Even better when he did it the second time backwards-amazing.

So in conclusion, when run on the program, the ride is average, not bad, but definitely not that good. And if you are unlucky enough to have the same experience in the queuing as we did first time, the ride seems very disappointing.

But for an amazing ride, go on a hot sunny day, and if you really want to have the experience we did, wait about half an hour at the entrance before the park closing time, and just as they are coming to close the entrance, get into the queue, and (like me) ask the ride operator if you could have a really long ride. And enjoy. Might I add that we were actually just lucky as we ran to the ride from Rodeo with about 3 mins to spare when we got there-lucky or what eh?!

(based on normal ride)
(based on second experience)
Ollie Cooke

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