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Upon getting my aeroplane tickets for my flight to Germany to experience my first German Fair, I danced with glee in the company of the postman, who probably regarded me as a madman, but my tiny personal universe (30, useful for every occasion! So make sure you buy your Tiny Personal Universe today!) was currently filled with joy. The aeroplane touched down, myself filled with rather salty peanuts, I rented a car, and drove to the hotel, which overlooked the fair. I was too busy driving to look at the rides as I whirred past. I got up to my room, third-story (fourth for you in the States), put down my luggage, strode over to the window, and whooshed over the curtains. What I saw made me wonder if there was anything in those salty peanuts I had on the flight. A giant, blinking, slender 200 foot tall tower stood in front of me. Thousands of rainbow-coloured lights blinked on and off up and down the tower. A little bright yellow car shot up and down the tower. I blinked;!

it was at the top. I blinked again, it was at the bottom. Very fast...

The next day I made a beeline for the tall steel tower, now unblinking, but just as, if not more, impressive as the night before. I nearly didn't find the entrance, which turned out to be a faux hotel with plants and a bellhop. I paid, took a token and clambered up a staircase to the queue. I was not expecting a backflash on a tower ride, but it was nice to see something new. I'm used to backflashes being a jumble of characters doing various things, like standing or dancing or hiding behind giant music notes, but Power Tower 2's fantastic backflash was a goofy brash ornate hotel, with silly things going on, like a woman hanging onto balloons and floating around outside the building, skirt flapping, and President Clinton, and even Hugh Grant enjoying their stay.

The queue was incredibly fast, as is normal at German Funfairs (apparently). A length of queue on either side keeps 16 happy almost-riders behind a chain. The side of the queue drops and everyone follows a line to their seats. In 20 seconds, everyone is off the ride and back on.

The gondola is very big, four people per side, eight sides (that's thirty-two riders, for you out there who aren't maths-smart). The seat is incredibly comfortable, a large also comfortable restraint coming down. I searched for the seatbelt to clip the restraint to the seat; there wasn't one. Slightly unnerved but incredibly comfortable in the well-fitting seat (I guess the Germans are big people too, because I was fit snugly in the seat, with at least seven clicks of room). There was a loud bell, and the gondola went up the tower at a brisk pace, and stopped at the top, 60 metres in the air, poised over the fair. There was a bump, and we shot down the tower at faster-than-freefall speed before shooting back up at the same speed, all the way to the top, and back down, again, at the same speed. The bell sounds again and the carriage whirred up the tower smoothly, then dropped, which was followed by more huge bounces. The carriage comes to a stop at the bottom. The bell sounds!

And again, the carriage rocketed up the tower at full speed and plunged to the platform, where the restraints popped open and we were ushered off, no wobbling knees permitted.

Overall, it was a great ride, with powerful launches and drops. And now for the good and bad...


-It looks fabulous, with an excitable operator and fantastic music.
-Great powerful launches and drops.
-200 feet tall is tall anywhere, and as a transportable ride it's absolutely giant.
-Nice and long.
-Well designed queue and great capacity.


-Can be a bit under whelming if you have high expectations.

Cosmo Jenkins

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Power Tower 2

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