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I'm not really good with big long descriptive words to make my short review look like it was written by an intelligent person, but all i can say is that this ride is by fair the best ghost train type ride I have ever been on! I've always been a little scared of ghost trains (although I'm 14 years old!) but this one wasn't too scary - it just interested me and made me eager to go on other rides like this. After hours of persuasion from my friend, I was dragged into the eerie queue, and sorry to say it didn't help me fears and I became anxious to get off! But in the end I rode it and I'm so glad I did! Go on it!


How could anyone give this under a 4/5? If you go into a Disney Haunted House expecting scares, you've ruined your own ride experience. And if you go into the ride expecting scares and then once you learn you won't get them STILL ignore the beauty and intelligence of this ride, you've missed out on something grand.


Phantom Manor may have a plot - of sorts - but for the average visitor it’s utterly incomprehensible with the main dialogue in French. I think for most people, although the detail is astounding, they’ll be severely disappointed - they expect the ride to contain shocks and jumps, like a ‘normal’ spookhouse. Instead you just get a re-occurring bumbling bride and a skeleton playing the bongos.

Edd Morris

What a lovely ride!

It failed to scare the daylights out of me, but I would rather have a ride with lush music, gorgeous art, and a cohesive storyline, rather then jump in the dark junk.

Phantom Manor is that ride.

Chris Cipollini

Phantom Manor is a good ride, but quite disappointing. I was expecting a ride full of frights and startling effects, but the music instead of being spooky, is quite sad and pathetic, and the bride apart from anything else is quite soppy. That's all.

Nick D Daniels

Phantom Manor, to me, is the epitome of a good Dark Ride. It doesn't need cheap pop-ups to scare the visitor - instead you are whisked away to experience a cinematically told sad story about a bride and her ruined wedding day. Sad, beautiful and utterly well made. I must have gone on it five times in that one day!

Ottar Kraemer

Dark rides don't get much better than this, and if they do, they're called Pirates of the Caribbean!


The detail of this ride is astounding. It is quite simply one of the most detailed and well themed dark rides that exists. The scenes, and the station, are genuinely beautiful. The problem with the ride is that it doesn't seem to be able to decide whether it should take the American approach of having a humorous and light-hearted stance, or concentrate on it's own sad and chilling storyline. As it happens, it sits uncomfortably in the middle. The ride has a great start and end, but the middle whilst still fantastically detailed and interesting, just doesn't suit the storyline that the house is built on. Even if one is not aware of this storyline, and 90% of riders are not, the middle still seems to stand out of the style of the ride like a sort thumb. But it is hard to criticise a ride that raises the dark ride baton to near unreachable heights. It is, therefore, even more of a credit to the park that they do have another dark ride that not only reaches the same level, but exceeds it: Namely "Pirates of the Caribbean" Do not underestimate Phantom Manor. If you are a dark ride fan, make sure you ride this ride. You will not regret it.

Lewis Cox

The better haunted attraction than the other ones in the Disney parks.

The Paris one really brings it home. Life has been brought to a fake looking attraction like the Haunted Mansion in America and instead a totally new look.

I love PM and I ride it at least twice a day. Well whenever I'm there.

Erol Huseyin

Can dark rides get any better than this?

Phantom Manor is a brilliant experience, not to tame for teenagers, not too scary for children. Top notch theming from Disney as usual, much better than your average Haunted House! It would be good to see a Coaster Kingdom review on Pirates of the Caribbean though...

Andy Allen

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Phantom Manor

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