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The one at Bobbijaanland you mentioned is as rough as anything and throws most people onto the floor. The Asterix one isn't quite as violent which is a shame. The spinning aspect also seems somewhat - err - absent.

Stewart Almany

I love it. It is so different and odd-ball that I come off laughing. The theming also adds to the ride.

Jenny Olafe

Although some parts are bordering on the boring, on the whole, Oxygenarium is a fun and creative ride. Sometimes you can come off bored, sometimes it will give you a great ride. You never get wet though, not at all.

Simon Spencer

I'm not sure if the park has improved the panels on the waterway or something, but when I visited recently every boat that came down the chute was spinning really quickly, I have to say that I love the ride and its wacky theming. It took some guts to do such unusual theming but Parc Asterix pulled it off remarkably well.

Rik Vernon-Smith

Big build-up created by excellent theming but really it's just a big water slide. Perhaps they could add some interest on the climb.

Dave @ Stejonda

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