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I think Oblivion is fantastic but there is 2 major problems: not long enough & it shows you where you are falling - it would be better if it didn't stop!

William Cotterill

A marvellous ride but only if you sit in the front row of the two row carriages. From the front you are looking directly down the hole from which you are momentarily suspended. 5/5 in the front row but just 2/5 in the back row.

Paul Hughes

It took a while for me to build up the courage to let go. The more I ride it though, the more I expect, and it just doesn't deliver anymore; perhaps I am finding it is getting a bit boring. It is still a good ride from the public's point of view, but I think I have ridden it enough for a while!

Simon Spencer

It's difficult to judge this ride without thinking of what else Alton could have done with £15 million. Judging it purely as a free-fall machine, it is by far the best. A ride on Oblivion lasts longer than Apocalypse, features a better drop, and is by far the more enjoyable. OK, it's still short by roller coaster standards, but the ride does its job brilliantly.

John Phillips

The first couple of rides of the day are always excellent, but then its a little too predictable - you know exactly when its going to drop. It'd be much better if the length of the wait at the top was random

Steve Hill

I always forget how good the drop on Oblivion actually is. The first go ALWAYS takes my breath away and leaves me running round for more! I know people don't like this ride but it is GREAT fun and I'd certainly like one in my back garden!

John Livesey

After several rides of Oblivion, I would have to say that it still holds the excitement like the first ride. However the quickness of the ride could put me off with queues sometimes stretching as long as 3 hours. My friends all say that it's ace but personally as much as I love it you really can't beat Nemesis and Apocalypse.

Luke Walker

Oblivion does it for me every time! I went to Alton Towers with a mate not long back and we spent most of the day in X Sector, we rode Oblivion 16 times - off and straight back on - non stop. We couldn't help but feel disappointed when it came to closer time for the park! I give this ride a FULL 5/5 and I think it gets better every time!

Mat South

I have only visited Alton Towers twice since the ride opened. The First time I could not find the end of the queue for Oblivion. This time, I went to it, got in the queue, and loved every second of the ride. It is the best ride in the park - easily.

Ashley Stanworth

The ride has started to lose its touch after 5 rides. BUT still an amazing ride if you donít go to Alton Towers very often. Not in the same league as Nemesis but it is a must if you visit Alton

William Pratt

Personally I think this ride is WICKED! The drop quite literally always takes my breath away! Its the ultimate rush! LOVE IT!

Kelly Cameron

I think it is brilliant and love it. It really gets your heart racing and it is so exciting. I have been on it loads of times and intend to go on it a lot more in the future.

Amy Salt

Best Coaster in the World! 110kp/h, 60m vertical drop, 4.5G. What more could you want?

Mike Priestley

Short and sweet and full of power... The drop looks good even if most of it is underground... The mist around the hole only seems to be on when somebody remembers to turn the tap but adds a great effect to the ride... The stall over the drop is a fantastic way to build up the intensity of the ride at the last moment... Unfortunately these cars aren't able to perform inversions but would have been nice to use up some of the speed with a helix or something.. but as a quick dramatic ride it's a show stopper !!


Great coaster. On drop I felt like I was floating in seat - I think I was as I'm young and not built up yet... there's a lot of empty space in restraints - this adds to the excitement. The jolt when the coaster pauses at top throws me forward and every time as it feels like I'm going to fall out. Short, but great!


A good addition to the park. With slightly bland theming this ride lacks a little. It is also a bit too short but is worth going on for the drop. It has large capacity so queues are not long.

Andrew Jack

Before I went on this ride, I wasn't sure what it would be like, as this was the first roller coaster I have ever been on (what a choice huh). Anyway, after going on Oblivion, I wanted more of the excitement I got from it. It really is the best ride ever!!!


Great ride. When I think about the drop that's not really the scary part, neither is the three seconds tiltering over the edge. The worst part for me is thinking about it. When I think about it even if I'm 360 miles away I get a feeling in my stomach - when I'm at Alton Towers I feel nothing. Excellent ride. I like the way Alton Towers put video clips in the queues. Excellent expecting great things to come to Alton Towers in a few years. Oblivion is the ride I would queue longest for.

Darren Russell

Very good! Best ride there although it is only a one trick pony! Great suspense, great, great, GREAT!

Michael Spray

Ladies and Gentlemen! I have been to Alton Towers many a time and for the first time in my life I rode the BEAST. That is the Oblivion! At first I was extremely scared in the queue, and it seemed to take long to get to the top. But the hanging of the drop took my breath away!! If you go to Alton Towers you would be mad to miss the Oblivion!! And if you don't like rides, just go on it anyway. It gives you a sense of successfulness once you have completed this awesome ride.

James Stone

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