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This ride is brilliant. However, be prepared against the extreme forces!

Oblivion is a breathtaking experience. You hedge into your seat uneasily, not sure whether to pull the bar down. When you finally decide there is no going back, the overhead restraint is pulled over your head and the car slowly and painfully proceeds up the lift hill.

You hold onto your handles as tight as you can and before you know it you are hanging over the edge of a gigantic terror. Don't--Look--Down!! You drop at full speed into a steaming pit of nothingness, and before I knew it my hands were in the air and I was screaming for joy! Finally we sped along the track, into the brake run and into the station.

Oblivion is brilliant and I recommend it to all! If you have ridden Detonator in Thorpe Park (which is also an excellent ride which churns your stomach) then this is the next step up! Well done Alton Towers! A huge success!


Oblivion was a ride never to forget! When I went to Alton Towers in August 2005 I couldn’t believe that I was about to go on it as I was only 11yrs old! When I did queue all I was going to do was walk straight through the exit and out of the ride but I decided not to and to go on the ride instead.

It is much higher then you think it is and when you hang at the very top of the freefall all you see is tiny little people staring up at you. You get the most intense and amazing feeling as you plummet down and your stomach shoots into your head! You think it’s all over as you enter the tunnel but then you realize that your only half way through the drop! Oblivion was fantastic and I was terrified every second of it!

Jordan Bradley

Oblivion is like marmite. Some will love it and count down the days until they can ride this monster again, some hate it, and would prefer a frightening trip of Squirrel Nutty.

That said, Oblivion is one of those rides which you can love AND hate at the same time.

The world's first *cough* vertical *cough* drop coaster. OK, 87 degrees, but let's not be pedantic here, because being dropped, nearly vertically into an underground pit of oblivion isn't exactly ones idea of tame.

Let's cut to the chase.

Upon entering X Sector, one of the first things that your eyes are drawn to is Oblivion. It's very impressive to watch, and spectators can actually get pretty close to the hole.

The queue line isn't as disastrous as Rita's pitiful cattle pen one, but it isn't amazing, either. Some nice views of X Sector can be seen on the fairy exposed queue line, and of the ride itself.

X Sector is quite an open area of the park, not feeling too crowded, but you do begin to notice the lack of decent theming. Although the area looks quite good and effective, some may argue there isn’t really a proper theme. Very true, but to me, the area works quite well, and helps enhance the atmosphere that Oblivion has.

After a while, you enter a tunnel with a video being played. One man – panicky and insane – screams about the ride which we are about to face; “Nothing to fear, then why is it called Oblivion?!?!” and such comments are made, with a calmer, relaxed person reassuring us that everything will be fine. The message of doom from the first guy is almost as strange as Rita’s first T.V. advert (“Make some great memories, you might need them someday”).

The station can seem quite complicated, especially for first timers but also for those who have been on many times before. You aboard your rather comfy seat and up the steep lift hill you climb. The lift hill is very slow, and really builds up the tension in the already terrified riders. Slowly, it turns the corner. Some will grab this as a chance to admire the spectacular views you get of the towers, where as some will be too busy shaking like a leaf to even notice. Held at the edge of the drop, you stare down at the misty hole below you, which doesn’t really look big enough for you to go through yourself, let alone the whole train.

Don’t… Look…. Down.

And then you drop.

The wind rushes through your hair, and the screams of those who have also dared to ride Oblivion echo around you. You enter the tunnel, suddenly bursting back out into the blinding light of day, around a bank turn, and into the brakes. Now time to reflect on what you’ve just done.

At the beginning I mentioned how this is a ride you can both love and hate at the same time, now time to elaborate on that.

The love for the thrill, the tension, the excitement the ride offers and the experience are what makes it worth riding.

Then there’s the disappointment. The ride is very, very short. A blink and you miss it type affair. When you queue for ages for the ride, it feels like a bit of a let down.

After being on a few times, the novelty begins to wear off. The only thing to Oblivion is the drop. But that drop is one hell of a drop.

Ride Oblivion by all means, however don’t queue for hours for it, when you could be experiencing some of the other thrills Alton Towers has to offer.


What can you say about this ride?

It is a ride that makes you feel fear and excitement at the same time creating the perfect feeling.

Oblivion does this by building the queuing area near to where the ride drops getting you excited. The queue wasn't long by the way. It was only 20 mins which is good for Alton Towers. When you are at the top of the drop you just can't help but look down at the hole of darkness you are about to drop into. Sit on the front row if you can, you get a better view and a better experience. You aren't in the hole long about 30 seconds and then you are brought back up into daylight again.

The only bad point about this ride is it too short. You queue up and get on the ride, you drop into the hole, you come back up and it's done. It's over in 1 minute.

Other than that it's good. So give it a try.

Kelly Ward

There are up and downs to Oblivion, which is something of a suitable cliché. Revolutionary, pioneering, original, brave, all these words described Oblivion in 1998. The entire focus of Oblivion is, unsurprisingly, its drop. It is also its downfall.

At the time Alton Towers had a completely new, attention-grabbing ride on their hands. It was promoted as such and the people flocked to it as intended. The problem from the start was that the gimmick wasn't going to last for too long, this was shown by the secrecy during construction. Despite all this, I think Alton may have been pleasantly surprised by Oblivion's staying power. Although as enthusiasts we now are wise to rides all over that have drops that are beyond vertical, there have been no major installations in the UK that are yet to challenge what is perceived as Oblivion's unique selling point. I'm sure the majority of the general public still assume that this is a unique ride, despite replicas and improvements on the original.

When people queue for Oblivion, they queue for the drop, that's pretty much all it boils down to. Augmenting the experience is the ambience of the ride. The bassy music, the black painted track, the futuristic/military style buildings all contribute to the ride experience. These all draw attention away from the fact that this is a glorified drop ride. So it is surprising to see that the buildings, until recently were falling apart, the track is now a pale grey, the pit of Oblivion is now a mildew-infested rubbish chute and the dramatic introduction and music in the station has all disappeared.

So we are left with a drop, since Alton don't seem to be worried about the experience which is integral to your ride on Oblivion. Hence, that is what there is to review - the drop.

Well, it's a decent drop that builds anticipation in a different way to a drop tower. That's about it, £12m spent on a drop tower with wheels. Gone are the days of grandeur when Oblivion was an experience, not just a ride. Whilst these elements can be easily remedied I'd assume, the only thing I can think of to stop Alton is money or that they know soon there will be some new pretenders on the block. Even more conveniently, there is one being built just down the road which may well take the sting out of Obliv's tail and the public's imagination (and possibly money) elsewhere.

What was once at the forefront of ride development has been left in the wake of a lack of maintenance and more advanced rides. Whilst other rides that are more than just one gimmick continue to entertain and be enjoyed, Oblivion has been swept aside somewhat. Alton always knew that this was going to be a short lived gimmick, they're lucky it has lasted this long.


As you step into X-Sector, you see a dark bit of track, curving along, barely at tree height.

"Piffle!" You say, "That looks easy!"

But, as you round the bend, more comes into view. You gasp. The track bends... to 87 degrees.... and drops... straight ....into.... the.... ground.

A pair of 5-tonne cars climb the lift. They slowly crawl around, and come to a stop, poised at the edge of the drop. For four seconds, they hang there. Then, they plunge! Under the ground, and up out the other side, from beneath a murky pond. They turn almost 100 degrees upon their side, and zip towards the ground, heading around Enterprise. Up, and their ride is over.

You climb the queue, which is set into the hill, up and around, winding your way to the top. At one point, you go under the hill, and a comical conversation between a big-brotherly voice and a frightened-person-squeaky voice is heard. A bit goes like so:

Big Brother: "Remain calm. There is nothing to fear..."

Frantic Individual: " 'Nothing to fear?!' Then why is it called 'Oblivion?!' "

The conversation goes on in this effect, and makes many people in the queue look like they're taking the mick for a bad drinking party the night before.

Finally, you're in the station. A tv above you has a mad-man explaining to you his wonderful machine.

"Everything has been designed for your comfort and enjoyment..."

"It'll all be over quicker than you expect..."

"Welcome.... to Oblivion ................ MUAHAHAHA!"

The music doesn't help. It sounds like new-age techno music, with bits that sound like enormous bumble-bees zooming by (BZZZ! BZZ BZZZ! BZZZ!)

You get into the front car, on the seat that's all the way to the left.... it hangs off the side of the track. The train inches up the hill, excriciatingly slowly. Around the bend... slowly. Finally, the track dips out of site. You crawl to the edge, and hang there, staring into a pit that looks the size of a small coin. Three words emanate from hidden speakers: "Don't..... look....... down!"

One word enters your brain: "Mummie!"

You drop. The moment this happens, five tonnes of car slam into your back. Everything speeds up, and the hole opens wide, and seems to swallow you up in a cloud of fog. 4.5 g forces pull your face to the floor of the car. You're now almost 25 metres under the ground.

FOOM! Out of the pit, and around the corner. If you're lucky, you get to see Enterprise cars whirring past. The cars right themselves and hop up to the brakes. Back to the station. It's over.

Short? Yeah. At twelve seconds, it's almost not worth it. But there's a big gap between something being "almost" and something being "is".

Exhilerating? You bet your arse, it is.

As you wobble back to civilization, you think one word: "Wow."


-Great experience!
-Fits well in X-Sector
-Worth it
-Scares the white blood cells out of you


-Needs paint
-A bit short

Cosmo Jenkins

I would love to give this Ride a full 5 but the theming lets it down. Manly due to Yobs who think it is really clever to write the word 'F**k' on the posts and theming or to leave rubbish around the giant space flashy thing. But the theming it lacks is inside the tunnels which you walk trough. It would be good to have some deadly sci-fi lad equipment or bodies floating in tubes to make you thing that you are actually going to die. The one thing that annoys me is the music in the station. It sounds like a tart's techno disco party. the ride itself is astonishing. There is no other ride or coaster that will do the same as a drive machine. If it weren't for height restrictions this would probably be as high as G5 at Janfusun Fancyworld.

For a real sense of freefall, look sideways as you drop.


This ride makes your stomach do topsy-turvys just looking at it. You can hear the thunder of Oblivion as you enter the X-Sector. Scary! As you go up towards the big drop you just want to get it over and done with. A slow and painful ride up the slope. It is worth it though. As you hang above the ground you wonder if it's worth living but it is too late... DROP! Great, amazing and terrifying. Give it a go.


Ok so this ride isn't in the same league as Nemesis but still this really is as awesome ride. Just waiting to drop when your hanging of the edge scares the hell out of me, but that's what I like. As I have said this ride doesn't quite match up to nemesis, but still is very much up there in the top 3 rides in the park.


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Short, steep, swift - superb. Sam
True one drop wonder. Tel
Keep your eyes OPEN. Julie
It's all over now. Johnny
Best rush in Staffordshire! Chunky
One drop - then stop. Fraser