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This ride is not the best, but it is still a very good ride. Its not meant to be as extreme as other rides like Colossus, its just extreme enough. It's more like a ghost train, with androids. Half the ride is meant to be the queue. Very dark. Robotic sound effects. A glass case with an android body in it, lighting up every now and then when you don't expect it. It's freaky.

It's scary how the train comes in empty. As you leave the station, there's a strange robotic sound a bit like a weird song. What makes the ride scary is that it's silent, and almost pitch black. It's imaginative how it stops, and there are tiny red lights and beeping noises. It's freaky when a machine blows air down at you, and the train jerks backwards a few times and then you carry on going. Very few people noticed it I think, but me and my friend saw something move fast across the ground next to that bright light when the train stops in the dark. Every time it stops, you just want it to carry on, because your a bit scared something will take you away. Damn freaky ride, and the best theme in Thorpe Park. You're not really meant to understand this ride, its better if you're left guessing.


There are some haters, but for some twisted reason, I quite like it.

I was in one of the few people who were first to try it. It was AMAZING! The first proper dive in pitch black (there were no strobes if I remember correctly) had a sensational feel to it. It was compared to nothing. The sound effects of helicopters flying over you was intense. It was the first original ride I had been on. The stops weren't to my liking, even though they did help scare you.

So I went back to find that half of the queue was missing and there were strobes added. I didn't think it was that bad at first, but when I realised the spinning tunnel had been taken out, I was distraught! Half of the ride is (or was) the queue!

So I thought 'it cant get any worse. But it did.

The strobe had been added. The sound effects were still going, but the strobes didn't add up to much. You could see a train hurtling around the corners above you though, which was quite strange.

I went again the next year. the strobes were still there, the spinning tunnel wasn't and they had taken away the sound effects! The whole ride was stripped bare! There is nothing left worth riding! But yet, I still feel inclined to ride it for some unknown reason.

James Collins

I fully understand that this was once the star of the show, but it has aged from not a brilliant ride to a faceless and pathetic obstruction between you and other rides.

The ride itself has never been brilliant, but the theming inside has changed. At least before, you could gaze at odd things such as upside down rooms etc, but now, you walk through, pass some rather odd gold robots that are concealed behind a glass door that occasionally lights up and get straight on the ride.

The ride is a let down, you come off, look how stupidly confused you looked on the photo, and then pass a colossal battery. This too does not make any sense and leads you to think that this ride is sponsored by Duracell.

The reason why I have called it faceless is because of the lack of scenery. This could be the perfect ride, with odd things lurking in the dingy corridors. There are many suggestions for the ride, including a big temple or scary tomb ride, but I think that Tussauds should turn it into what they advertise it to be: and that is 'a perverted computer system'. It actually says that on the website. You could ruff the outside up, using fake rust on the pyramid, and have a story line that would be about a computer that was created in the 60's, but turned against humans.

It could feed of the fear of visitors, as it lures them into the giant structure. Inside there would be horrific scenes of what it has done to previous visitors. Once on the ride, it could stop you (as it does) and have something like a big meat saw miss the car as it rolls back into the gloom. The computer could then crash and the train would stop at the station and you would walk out through the system's 'Emergency Exit'.

Also, are the old rooms of the pyramid used for the 'Hellgate' thing on Halloween? Anyway, like I said, this ride has lots of potential that is being overlooked and would definitely benefit from a good makeover.


Feedback: To answer your question, yes, the old queueline is home to Hellgate, although the queue was shortened long before they decided to use the queue for Halloween attractions.

Author: RH Saturday, 04 February 2006

After not visiting Thorpe park in years. I was so looking forward to X:\ No Way Out. This ride is very strange and I like strange rides, or rides with dark corridors and cheap retro space themes. My first reaction to ride was "Hmmm ok". But the more I went on this the ride the better it gets.

I know a lot of X haters will say I'm talking rubbish. But if you go in expecting Space Mountain or even the Black Hole you will be upset. The rides plot is strange, in a freaky way it almost seems out of reach for guests like its above their understanding. In 2005 yet again this ride was tampered with in the first few months with new lighting that was so bright it not only spoiled the ride it striped away its mystical feel and you were in a giant empty warehouse.

Now the ride has gone back into darkness where it belongs. This is not a great first coaster to ride, but one who you grow a bond with over time. After all someone's gotta love it.

Marcus Morrison

I think No Way Out works better as a support ride to Colossus. It still has little point to it, but the fact that it isn't the star coaster works in its favour now.

Simon Sinden

What a waste of space. The ride was never good anyway but is even worse now. The inside queue is terrible. It is in darkness with horrible noises in your ears. In some respects this has been improved by queuing outside the building instead of spending an hour in darkness.

Loading the train is also worse. There were and still is two rooms. You would go in one of these, the doors would close. The train would then come to the station without you knowing, the doors of the room would open to the station. There would be a rush for the front seat and then the train would leave the station backwards.

When the ride first opened it was not revealed that the ride was backwards so you would try to get the front seat. Now they have stopped using the two rooms and just put you through one of them without the doors closing, letting you see the train come into the station backwards and ruining the surprise. The actual ride is terrible as well. There are brakes which have been tamed down to top you at certain points gently instead of suddenly, worsening the ride. Only go on this ride if it has less than 10 mins wait as it is not worth it. At least the ride is rumoured to be remade.

Andrew Jack

We have to remember that no way out's budget was cut as RMC was building it. Had it have been under Tussauds control, I think it would have been a different story. Granted it's not one of the best rides in the world, but believe it or not it is loved by others. This ride is crying out for a re-theme because right now, it's cramping lost city's style.

Jack Lynch

It's the greatest ride ever. Tell me why it is rubbish? If you can it would make my day.

Anthony Browne

If ever it was hard to describe a ride, X:\ No Way Out manages to be the hardest.

Strange; indeed. Poor; no, much stronger words come to mind.

Re-rideable; well...yes.

You see there's no disguising the fact that compared to almost all other coasters in the world of the genre of family and up, X:\ is utterly atrocious. But something about it always makes me want to ride it at least once every visit.

I'm not sure if this is down to originality, the complete joke of a ride that it offers, or the downright strange experience.

Going backwards in the dark may seem an exciting experience, but when you consider the fact that this ride has no theming, is built in a corrugated iron pyramid, was built with budget cuts, and was built by RMC, you may realise what you are letting yourself in for.

An unsurprising start comes as the train rolls into the station backwards. An awful capacity of ten riders board the trains, where the rubbish lap bars restrict only the legs of people actually over 1.40m.

A quick lift hill takes you into a quick downwards helix into...and after that I'm lost. The ride is completely forgettable after that. All I can figure out is a few helixes and the random stop start section where mist is blown on you (having seen an old advertisement video for the ride, I realise this used to have helicopter sound effects).

You walk past a long battery and walk out into the light, and do actually have to rub your eyes on a bright day, to almost wake yourself up.

And then, you reflect.

A rubbish ride, and random ride, a boring ride, and a waste of time.

Yet having revisited a lot of times, I realise that it is the combined factor of all three points I mentioned above that does make it re-rideable.

Look at the queue times, and only ride if there is a 20 minute queue or less. Make it through the horrible indoor queue (which makes the outdoor part seem like a life-saver). Ride, and reflect. Then just laugh it off, and go on Colossus.

Ollie Cooke

On top of my other review I'd just like to add a point-Having seen reviews and advertisements for The Mummy's Revenge-The Ride at Universal Orlando, an idea hit me!

X:\ No Way Out would be a good ride to do the same type of thing on (albeit on a much smaller scale obviously).

The ride is short and goes backwards and forwards (ok the forwards is only for about half a meter), so could be made to stop in a room with special effects.

The ride has space for theming as it is not at all compact due to being so short (I have seen the track almost completely lit up as the strobe lights were as usual not working properly meaning that they were on more than they were off).

Although a problem is that I have heard that Tussauds are a bit short on money-whether that is true or not I don't know. Let's hope not.

Ps: Let's all hope that Thorpe get the S&S Sky Swat next year as rumoured!

Ollie Cooke

X: is a waste of a ride, what they need to do is shorten the walking to the station then add more track then use lasers and other lighting effects, this will improve the coaster 100 %

James Culver

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X:\ No Way Out

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