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A mon avis (in my opinion) I think that Nemesis Inferno is....da da daaa! TERRIBLE! Ok, so maybe it's not that bad, but Thorpe Park, what have you done??? If you are going to top the UK's greatest ride (Nemesis of course) then you could at least make an effort!!!

Inferno is rough, laughably short and houses no memorable inversions. In fact, the only good thing about it is the volcanic scenery. In all fact, it is a far cry from it's twin sister at Alton Towers!

Joe C

This is an amazing coaster that puts the cherry on the top for Thorpe Park.

Firstly, when I went I never had to queue more than 5mins for it!, and this was when it first opened.

Secondly, it fits in nicely to its surroundings. The ride is good and can be varied. (I won't go into the details of the experience, because if you want that, then read the review). My only criticism is its name. It has absolutely no relevance with Nemesis at Alton Towers, apart from the fact that it is inverted, and even then it is a completely different experience. It has nothing to do with aliens being disturbed, and doesn't resemble the grim, deadly theming of Nemesis.

The name should be changed, even to simply Inferno, or Volcanist. That took me 5 seconds to think of and it probably would have taken the design team weeks to think of Nemesis Inferno. I do think that it will become neglected when the 2006 coaster comes, considering that the queue for Colossus was 20 times longer at one part of the day. This is a very original coaster however, with good soundtrack and theming. It would be funny if every 3rd ride, the geyser would soak riders.


My opinion of Nemesis Inferno...Complete Trash! I can't believe how disappointing this ride is! When it first came out, adverts and papers blurted out than Thorpe park had created 'The ultimate Roller Coaster' that would 'Knock the original Nemesis off its spot'...hardly!

If i was the manager of Thorpe Park, I would be embarrassed by Inferno...its very short, very uncomfortable and very boring and it DEFINITELY does not beat Nemesis (Alton Towers) in any aspect. If you go to Thorpe Park, stay clear of this and head for Colossus and heck the Ribena Rapids!


I think this ride is truly magnificent, really smooth and comfortable, and doesn't have your head banging backwards and forwards like on Colossus. However, it could do with being slightly longer. It supplies enough intensity and really feels quite nice to ride!


Over so quickly but it certainly packed a punch. I particularly enjoyed the dive in to the volcano and the helix at the end made my face hurt.

David Wilcock

Nemesis Inferno is a fairly good coaster, but the worst inverted coaster I have ridden to be perfectly honest. I think Colossus rules the roost still.

Simone Deleware

I love this ride! I actually prefer it to Nemesis at Alton Towers! You get a real sense of the G-forces especially when you are in the front seats just coming out of the loop. I have only ridden two inverted roller coasters Nemesis being the other one but if there is one better than this than I can't wait to ride it! The best bit of the ride is when you go into the volcano and you don't have a clue where your going. A brilliant ride!

Christopher Denny

My goodness, What a great ride. The drop out of the station into the mist filled tunnel is a really nice touch. The ride is quite short but very intense with some really high G-forces but still is smooth and enjoyable. This is one of the greatest B&M inverted coasters in the world.

Nick May

A nice ride with a few nice touches spoilt by the fact that many of the effects that you speak of in the review never work. I have never seen the geysers, and the bassy track in the station is now barely audible. No music at the entrance, either.


Wow! what a fantastic ride, I thought it was brilliant and I couldn't believe how fast it was. I thought the volcano and smoke were very realistic. I was scared of it before but now I think it's brilliant!

Rosemary Pollack

I've heard the music. It starts off warming and soothing, but gets more intense. Reminds me of the programme Volcano Detectives. Nemesis Inferno: Too Hot to Handle!!!!!

Good points

- Excellent Music
- Very nice, smooth ride
- Has a brilliant theme.

Bad Points

- Music often can get children scared.
- He
ard it can be a heavy ride


This is an excellent ride especially since there was no queue. Love the twists and turns. Very good ride length. However, this ride isn't quite as good as the original at Alton Towers.

Michael Joyce

This ride is simply the... worst.

Ok, so if you saw my report on Vampire, you might be thinking, "Does this guy say anything good about any ride?"

Well actually, yes I do (look at Colossus, Dragons Fury and some others).

But back to the ride.

This ride really is quite a poor experience. Maybe I was a bit harsh by saying the worst, maybe just the worst inverted coaster, definitely the worst made by the usually brilliant B&M (my favourite manufacturer).

So why do I think it's so bad? Well, my first really big problem, is all the hype that went before the ride. Literally the day that Colossus opened, an advertisement was put up for a coaster that was going to be better than Colossus, or as Thorpe put it, the "greatest roller coaster experience" (I think not). This hype meant that I got excited about this ride, thinking that it was actually going to be as good, if not better than the amazing Colossus (Thorpe being my nearest park apart from Chessington, I got excited), and the pictures made it look good. So I visit, and run straight to the new 'star' attraction with my mate (a fellow enthusiast). After queuing for a respectable 50 mins, we boarded the train towards the back.

The ride started well with the drop into the tunnel, with mist (which actually used to fully fill the tunnel, believe it or not) which was fantastic with the red lights. So far, so good. A slight banked turn took us onto the lift hill, which quickly too us up to the top. A quick, quite fun drop takes us into the loop, up into a famous B&M zero-g roll, round a tight right hand turn into a corkscrew, around a fun turnaround, into the other interlocking corkscrew, round a 270 degree clockwise helix into another anti clockwise helix up into the final break run. And thus your experience ends.

At the end, we looked at each other, disappointed. But we refused to believe it was actually that bad, and had another go in the very front. Not actually that much better, for the time extra.

So what is bad about it?

Well firstly, it feels ridiculously short, even though it is basically the same length as Colossus. This is because Nemesis Inferno includes the first section as one of its elements, even though it has almost no impact, and is completely forgotten once you get to the lift, and to most people, the ride only really starts after the lift. I think maybe another zero-g roll should have been put in the tunnel or some kind of inversion to make it more memorable.

The drop and loop are quite fun, but the following bit is disappointing as unlike almost all other B&M inlines, it has absolutely no forces that you really notice unless you are really trying to. Terrible zero-g, and the worst one around. The corkscrews and turnaround are ok, but nothing special, and the ride then feels finished, as after all inversions are done, you feel like there is nothing left to offer, and unlike other coasters, it doesn't surprise you with high g-force, just a couple of weak helices.

Nemesis Inferno does have three very good points about it, none of which are to do with the actual riding experience itself. The Theming is really good, and is everywhere, and does not just peter out. Also, the atmosphere is very good, with light music outside, and a very good, strong bass when you get inside the station, to accompany the train which is lit in red when it leaves the station. Also, when you see it, it is hard not to want to ride it again, as from the ground it looks very good, so still gets people to ride it, including even myself, usually once a visit.

So yes, Inferno has its good points, but the bad points really detract from it, and the worst thing is that it does feel so short, and I'm not the only one to say this. Also, I think that if Inferno had not been advertised as the most intense coaster around, thrill seekers like myself would not have expected so much, and would not have been as disappointed. The only way you'll get any sort of experience worth queuing is the extreme front or back.

So not appalling, but definitely not good.

I feel it is too harsh to give it a 2 star, but it really isn't good enough to be rated as good, so unfortunately:

Ollie Cooke

I LOVE this ride, so silky smooth as coasters should be. It could be a bit longer, the start is fantastic through the volcano and under the station. This beats its father NEMESES by miles as its only 1/2 hour drive from my house!

James Culver

Having read my previous review of this ride, and having ridden this ride again on Fright Nites, in the dark, on one of the last few trains of this season, I found that what I said before was overly harsh.

I still think that this ride seems quite short, however I have found that you must ride with Nemesis Inferno to enjoy it fully.

I have now (for an unknown reason) managed to actually really enjoy Nemesis Inferno, and this is because I have only just realised the intensity of this ride, and this is actually thanks to queues! Now you may be thinking, what the hell is this guy on about, but when the queues are short, then going on the very intense Samurai, Detonator, or even Colossus, and in only 20 mins going on Nemesis Inferno, it doesn't seem that intense.

The difference this time is that I had to queue for only about 30 mins on Nem. Fern. but about 1h20m for the Freezer before that (which is to be highly recommended, it was fantastic-very scary), and then add in the fact that we had dinner before that, and you will realise that I had not been on an intense ride for at least 2 possibly 3 hours before hand. This greatly enhanced the ride experience and enabled me to enjoy it a lot, along with the fact that it was in the dark, and had by far the shortest queue we had experienced all day (never go on the last day the park is open-in 6 hours we got on 5 attractions).

So in conclusion, go on Nemesis Inferno after a couple of hours from going on an intense ride, and when the queue is no more than about 45 mins, and you will enjoy this ride immensely

Go on it after you have been on a really good, intense ride like the ones mentioned above, and/ or with a long queue, you will be really disappointed.

So obviously I have to give an overall rating, which will be the average, as expected:

Ollie Cooke

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Nemesis Inferno

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