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With many fairground rides, it is not usually the ride that makes them enjoyable. It's all about the atmosphere which is something that this ride has in abundance. A giant board covered in dramatic words lit up with an array of coloured bulbs is the background for this ride and strobe lights and smoke machines enhance this.

The ride itself is pretty basic, taking the same seating layout as a KMG Afterburner, all it does is twist and swing. But it is timed in such a way that you spend a good deal of time twisting on your back or on your side.

One of the highlights of this ride is the spinning platform, this tricks the mind into thinking you are spinning faster than you really are. The ride also only lifts up the bear minimum so when performing the flips, the riders' feet come worryingly close to the platform.

Not only is this ride intense but it is also incredibly long. I was lucky to experience this at Funderworld which was POP but this would offer great value for money on paid rides.

The only down side of this ride is its uncomfortable restraints. They are very hard and when performing certain manoeuvres it can be quite painful, especially when fully upside-down.

This ride is superb, I'd go so far to say the best ride on the travelling fair scene. It's the type of ride that only a fair could do properly, plopped in a theme park it would be run slowly and would have none of the atmosphere. A superb ride.

Dan Thompson

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