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This was the first roller coaster I have ever been on and I got to say it beats every wooden roller coaster in Florida and Blackpool. This is the only ride in which my stomach has ended up in my throat! Rides like Oblivion cannot compare to the first drop of Megafobia. It's a great ride! Worth a queue!


Simply still the best wooden roller coaster in the UK and far better than a lot of the rest of the world has to offer. There are bigger and faster rides, but the combination of air time and turns is a masterpiece of design that has held up fantastically over the years.

Paul S-D

When you come off a ride laughing, it is a sign that the coaster you have just ridden is world class. Surveying the trains coming back into Megafobia's station I was hard pushed to see a single face without a grin on it and every time a train would hurtle into the brake run I would hear fits of laughter.

How can a ride evoke such emotion? Roller coasters are built to play on our inherent fears of riding them, the adrenaline rush from conquering them, but very rarely will you see so many people come off of a roller coaster with such a wide grin. The world-beaters spring to mind when ever I try to think of a coaster with such qualities. Nemesis and Millennium Force are the other rides that spring to mind.

To rank itself amongst these giants of the industry Megafobia must be something extraordinary. Not something that you would expect to find in a remote part of Wales, just south of St. David's. As we know with Nemesis, a ride should not be judged by its size and Megafobia is not as massive as the name suggest. In fact it doesn't even hold the title of largest ride in the park, that honour is bestowed upon Hydro.

So it does make you wonder how a ride with such an unassuming appearance can deliver one of the most insane experiences you will find anywhere in the world. To use a boxing term, somehow the genius' at CCI have managed to construct what I consider the best pound-for-pound coaster in existence.

The key to Megafobia's success is that from the first drop to the brake run, the ride offers no let-up. It is a constant torrent of what Thorpe like to call 'sensory overload'. Not only does the ride allow no respite, but the sensations that it delivers are in no way monotonous, there is a constant change of direction, speed and angle. You have no time to think or take in what is happening as it feels like you are being taken for a ride, rather than riding Megafobia. It is incomprehensible as to how a ride can deliver so much, so fast and so well. A description of the ride would do it no justice at all, there is only one way to experience a true modern classic and that's getting in the car and going to Oakwood. It's worth it just for Megafobia.


Megafobia is the best wooden roller coaster on the planet, you might think that I am joking but I am not, it is better than grand national, The Beast and many more, the airtime is amazing. And the first drop is jaw dropping, No other can beat MEGAFOBIA THRILLS BEYOND FEAR

'Hydro Sort of Guy'

Clearly the people writing these reviews have not been to theme parks like say Alton Towers as compared to rides like Nemesis Megafobia is nothing. To be fair though it is still a pretty cool ride with a good first drop, although the queue is quite lengthy.


There are some great wooden coasters in the UK, such as the ones at Blackpool, Southport, Margate and Great Yarmouth, but Megafobia is something else. †I was most impressed with its smoothness, airtime and sustained speed. My favourite seat is the front, as I like the way the train pushes you into low, fast turns.

Graeme Cassidy

Megafobia has got to be one of the best roller coasters I've ever been on and does wonders for people who are nervous about big rides. I know three people who were nervous about roller coasters but as soon as they got off they wanted to go on again and again and again...

Michael Joyce

LOVE the "AIRTIME" on this coaster, shame its 4 hours away drive, I wish Thorpe Park could build a woodie over the water instead of installing 2 flat rides for the 2005 season. Thank you Custom Coasters for a wonderful coaster

James Culver

I am loathe to call it relentless, one of the turns in the last quarter takes a lot of the speed out of the train as it pootles onto the approach to the brake run. It is still fast, but calm compared to the rest of the ride. Tonnerre De Zeus is far superior, but Megafobia remains a frantic ride from start to finish (or there abouts)

Catherine Brooks

The size of the ride is hardly large, but I was taken aback by it's speed - It is faster and more thrilling than any steel coaster I have ridden. Wooden coasters rule, OK.

Damian Law

Yes, it is the best in Britain, and probably the best I have been on. I have never been thrown from my seat more on any other coaster.

Simon Spencer

I wasn't expecting such a small coaster to be quite so thrilling. If Tonnerre De Zeus is better, I better make a bee-line, and soon.

Jenny Olafe

Itís brilliant! Itís got plenty of airtime and acceleration

Leighton Anthony Vaughan

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