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Issue 23, Volume 3  

Alexys Becerra is the lead actor on The Asylum, having worked on the maze for four years since the days when it was The Freezer.


Alexys Becerra

The observant among you may recognise Alexys; she starred as Red Haired Betty on WWTP Radio Live over the summer on Stealth-side with a cast of two other voice actors, and has done various roles on The Freezer, 3D Freakshow and The Asylum.

Scare acting is just one of many disciplines that Alexys has. “As you get older, you can’t be fussy,” she says – she has acted on stage, appeared on television, has sung professionally and appears in an industrial band, INERTIA.

As well as this, Alexys is also a freelance hair-stylist and professional makeup artist, in terms of both glamour and prosthetic, such as the kind you would find on actors in The Asylum.

Married to the keyboard player of Killing Joke, a band who’ve been featured in NME, Kerrang!, and Rolling Stone, Alexys will be appearing as the lead singer in the Circus of Horrors band as Mistress Serverina from the 2nd of November.

Stretch Gary

Stretch Gary is now one of Alexys' colleagues at the Circus of Horrors

But in October, you’re most likely to find Alexys skulking around The Asylum at Thorpe Park, a chaotic scare maze with a cast of actors stalking and terrifying nearly 5000 guests every day.

As lead actor, as well as scaring people witless, Alexys is responsible for the cast of 15-30 zombies and freaks, as well as training them and applying their makeup with effects such as cuts, gouges and missing eyeballs.

We had the opportunity to talk to a breathless Alexys, having just come out from a gruelling six-hour stint inside possibly one of the most anti-social workplaces in the world.

Alexys Becerra's website

Coaster Kingdom: Where does a syringe-wielding day-glow redhead zombie come from exactly?

Alexys Becerra: “I’m a native Californian, but I’m living in London Docklands.”

CK: How many years have you been doing Fright Nights for?


I was in the music industry and decided to take a break

AB: “I’ve done four seasons, and five events. I’ve done the last four Fright Nights in The Asylum and before that, The Freezer, while I came back last summer to do 3D Freakshow which opened briefly before it became Hellgate.”

CK: How did you get into Fright Nights exactly?

AB: “I was in the music industry and decided to take a break. I had just finished presenting my second television show for UKTV and saw an advert in The Stage advertising for ‘Freaks and Geeks with attitude’ and thought, hey, that sounds like me, so applied. Continues...

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