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Sometimes youíll put something on the back burner to simmer, then, before you know it, itíll be boiling over.

KMG have been bubbling away since 1989, but in earnest, it wasnít until about ten years later when they boiled over with the success of the Afterburner.

Youíll soon learn how their expertise pre-dates the Afterburner, but ever since, the Dutch manufacturer has quickly become synonymous with manufacturing easy-to-build, well presented, good value, showmen-friendly rides.

KMG montage

KMG: Best known for their popular Afterburner ride. Image: KMG

Despite being a small company, KMG manage to fabricate 15 rides every year, and are a one of a kind in that they build rides that appeal not only to the ever-particular German showman, but to British showmen, European showmen, American showmen and even theme parks.

Honestly, that is a claim precious few manufacturers have bragging rights to.

Their best-known rides include the Afterburner, which is now available in five different versions, the Tango, which is a spectacular alternative to Mondialís Top Scan, the Move It (available in three different sizes) as well as their popular line in Miamis, Discovery (similar to a Top Spin) and Speed, their take on Fabbriís Booster ride.

Despite offering a diverse range of rides, all share at least one similarity; they are designed by showmen for showmen. With KMGís heritage being built around the Kroon family, who themselves tour rides, every element that is important to the showman touring the ride has been encompassed into the design of the ride.

Having just launched the XXL, one of the largest swing rides in the world, curiosity got the better of us, so we spoke to Bas Derkink from the company.

KMG Tango

One of Bas' first jobs was calculating kinetics for this ride, Tango.

Bas joined KMG in 1999, full time from 2000, his expertise spanning from a mechanical engineering degree to work experience at KMG where he worked on calculating kinetics for their new-at-the-time ride, Tango.

Since then, Basí role has grown to include responsibility for electrical design, programming controllers for their rides, dealing with service enquiries from customers as well as bridging the gap between R&D and fabrication.

Itís a varied role with Bas found somewhere between the office desk and the factory floor, but somehow, he spared the time to answer some questions. Continues...

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