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Loggers Leap is starting to look a bit dated in the days of Storm Force 10. It puts many to shame though, Alton Towers' for example. The last drop is great fun.

Cat Mason

I find Log Flumes quite boring. This one especially. They are just like canal boat rides, and the drops are only moderately thrilling. This has nothing more to offer than the last.

Jo Briman

Opinion, obviously, but I love it. The drop in the dark is fun, the last drop is really fast and exhilarating. Since when have canal boats had 50ft drops?!

Simon Casey

I generally agree, although I think another drop wouldn't have gone a miss. I think the standard 'quota' of drops is about three, so this can do with another. The theme is, as you said, unoriginal, but it would have really enhanced the ride unless to the standard of, say, Ripsaw Falls in Florida.

Gary Williams

This log ride can be quite exciting, especially with a full boat of heavy people. When you get a bit wet even from the first drop. I agree the theming is poor, though it is quite pleasant crossing the lake. The final drop is quite exciting though, and makes it a good ride. I queued an hour for this in August though so beware.

Frankie Roberto

I like the way this ride has two drops going down the large one but you only start to loose your stomach on the second one and by then it is over. But I still like it

Christopher Denny

I Like Loggers Leap because of its double drop. The bit in the dark is great too, though it will never match up to Tidal Wave

Mark Jones

A thoroughly good ride. It does not have very good theming though. The last drop saves the ride giving you some 'air' time, without any restraints. The queue worsens the ride however as it is so boring . It is one big area of going up and down barriers.

Andrew Jack

I quite enjoy this flume, the theming may be sparse and the queue line isn't nice on a hot day but it has some nice touches and a smashing final drop. There's not to much winding in and out of trees pointlessly, throughout the duration of the ride there's usually something to focus on which I like.

Steven Whitfield

I love this no-frills log flume. It doesn't use any special tricks, but it's just a good fun, family ride. A popular one though...

Molly Coldridge

The final drop on this ride is great fun compared to SF 10. The queue is really bad especially when full, but the ride really makes up for it.

Mark Wayton

Fun final drop but a bit boring getting to it!


This ride is old, has a hideous cattle pen for a queue, which is hot sticky and cramped, doesn't really get you wet, only has 2 drops, and to top it off, was built by RMC, yet...


Yes against all the odds, Loggers Leap does manage to be enjoyable. Even with all the other points mentioned above. And this is because good points just about make it justified to ride.

The queue, although cramped, hot, and sticky, has a good enough atmosphere, and the queue is rarely longer than 30mins (except in the height of summer, when I would advise you not to visit-I have tried it once, but now I visit at other times due to ridiculously long queue times).

The ride itself is fun, the meandering past lush green grass then along the lake, then the dark tunnel/ drop (this is very clever as most people think the drop is a lot bigger than it actually is, but obviously not intended by RMC), then past the little man made downwards troughs, up onto the lift hill past some nice natural scenery, onto a very fun AIR-TIME filled double drop, then back to the station.

For those who say the theming isn't very good, well you're talking a load of....well actually, I agree mainly. Very thin theming around the station, and a non-existent theme along the lake. But at the far end between the tunnel and lift, the rocks and trees do actually manage to create a Canadian theme, which else where in Canada Creek is not there. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

So all in all, a quite good family ride, a good flume, which is let down by theming (or the lack of it), and the cattle pen queue, but can be enjoyed.

Definitely the best installation from the joke that was RMC.

Ollie Cook

I think Loggers Leap is a great ride especially to get away from the main park swiftly floating across the lake is quite nice during a busy day! The things I don't like about Loggers Leap is that the water you get splashed with isn't cleaned or have any chemicals in it, this makes you smell of fish from the remainder of the day which isn't pleasant also the queue that's just a laugh but at least now they have TV screens so you can watch some advertising while going round and round the queue line! but its still a great ride!

David Armstrong

I don't find Loggers Leap to be anything special, but it doesn't really disappoint either. The drop in the tunnel is OK, and I quite like the meander through the back of the park. The double drop is a nice change from the straight drops of other log flumes. The only really major problem with the ride is the horrible switchback queue line.

David Wilcock

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