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Jungle Coaster: disappointing. The first drop is all right, but after that the trim brakes ruin the experience for me. Once the car shows any signs of picking up any sense of speed, the ride is killed by the evil trims. Following the obligatory hairpin style top section, the ride goes through a couple of standard, non-memorable bunny hop hills, then goes through another painfully slow hairpin section before crawling into the breaks.

Theming wise, the interactive fountain feature at the bottom of the first drop is imaginative and interesting, but apart from that I found the area to be extremely bland. Walls of logs with basic face paintings on them, a ride area that has simply been turfed over (of course, despite the ride being called JUNGLE COASTER), a station that has no theming what-so-ever and a queue line consisting of some information boards are not what I would expect from Legoland.

In conclusion, the ride itself is neither memorable nor exciting, and the theming does not break the boundaries of imagination. I think the criteria of 2 stars fits this ride perfectly.

Alex May

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Jungle Coaster

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