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This is the worst, most painful, dull, lacklustre and did I mention painful? roller coaster ever made and should be avoided-or demolished. How could Disney - D I S N E Y do this to helpless young families looking for a good time. And now it's turned to a backwards coaster, it's truly terrible!

My head was splitting because those stupid concrete restraints and my hip were black and blue. We also queued for nearly an hour and for what? If I wanted a beating, I would have asked Sharon for a slap.

So, to summarise it all up - DON'T GO ON IJ -IT SUCKS!

Joe C

Come on everyone stop taking this small ride so seriously. It was never meant to be a top class thriller.

I think Disney get so excited about this ride because they have the ability to change the ride experience. They have already had it going forwards, then going backwards with 6 seater trains and just recently they have it travelling forwards again.

The only bad point that I can say about this ride is that when they changed the trains forwards again it lost the experience a bit. I mean when it travelled backwards the first drop gave the small tummy turn experience. Now it travels forwards it has made the drop seem both small and boring. Also it is a much more unpleasant experience in the form of head banging. I think they could have worked on the restraints a little!

Danny Wallace

I don't know why everyone hates this ride so much. I went on it 3 times at Disney and thought it was great. I've only ever ridden it backwards. I would have liked it to have been a bit faster, though.


This ride was completely ruined when they turned it backwards. Nauseating and like having your head pounded for a minute and a half. Thank goodness it has turned back round the right way. I rode it like this years ago and it is a good ride... at least you can prepare you head for the pounding as you know what is coming up.

Paul Hughes

It is hardly Disney is it? It is very similar to Klonedike at Drayton Manor, and whilst the theming is better than Draytons, it is still very poor for Disney.

Simon Hurst

At first I didn't think it was too bad, and then I rode Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain... it then becomes apparent that it is just a poor ride, one to fill a gap and one that has been rushed. It is a shame, it would have been a good opportunity and I am disappointed that Disney continue to market this ride as if they're proud of it or something!

Katherine Ridgedale

Ouch! And that was FORWARDS! Score - Zero!

Tom Marshall

Well, what can you say? From the minute you get on board it, you know you've made a mistake. As you go up the lift hill it's not too bad, it's when you go round the ride... it's like being in a car with no suspension! Say no more, but Disney, what have you done? Look at space mountain etc., they're great.

Luke Walker

One of the most painful rides I have ever ridden - a brilliant idea for a ride executed in a very poor manner. Incomparable to the phenomenal Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland in Anahiem.

Paul West

This rides suits perfectly in the Adventureland area. It has a great themed queueline, very good theming on-ride and some nice effects. But the ride itself – hmmm – it’s not the average rough ride. It’s just THE rough ride. The coaster is smooth until after the loop. Then it’s just awful... I rode it forwards and backwards, doesn’t matter, same effects... but you just have some more wildness thrown in

Benoît De Groote

This ride is excellent because it goes backwards. It gives you all the thrills you want

Michael Bate

...and some you don't.

Mark Dalton

Indiana Jones has been well themed. As you get in the queue its not long before you board the train. You sit in the seat and pull over the shoulder restraint. All you have to do now is sit back and wait until you are set off in to the rocky wilderness backwards as well as going down steep hills backwards as well as tight corners until you get to the best bit. THE LOOP! When you go into the loop your head does bang about a bit so watch your head. You then go round and down a few hills and corners and brought to a halt and back at were you started off.

Frances Louise Haigh

All you lot are doing is comparing it to other coasters. It can't be-it's different. This roller coaster is fun and intense, and deserves a good four stars. It's just as good as space mountain, because you have no idea what's coming and you do the loop backwards, which totally makes up for the bumps, which aren't really that bad anyway. When I went on it, I liked it so much that I went on it again. And again. Superb novel ride.

Jonathan Lamley

I rode it a few days ago, and think that it has improved recently. It didn't seem as bad as I remembered it. Odd!

Louise Harper

Oh my days... What have Disney Done turning the cars to backwards... The ride was fantastic Forwards but now it is backwards, its just a turbulent puke machine!

Erol Huseyin

Indiana Jones isn't really a Disney ride in the same sense as Big Thunder Mountain. Nor is it a kids ride - two big factors when you consider its Disney.

It also does not really give much of a thrill - no big drops where your stomach makes that weird 'o crap' sensation. Instead, its a high G-Force ride, with an incredibly fast looping, made faster by the fact its tiny. It also has tons of round and round bits (helixes) and for most, there stomach can't take this. For me, this was great.

Though Indiana Jones does have faults, its more than makes up for it on the ride. One last thing - the roughness adds to the ride!

Matt Pepprell

Indiana Jones - The Temple of Slurred Speech!

When you think of stupid things to do, what things might come across your mind? Crime, boxing, train riding (on the outside!), riding Goudurix...and Indiana Jones!?

Ok so its not quite in the same league as Goudurix from what I've heard, but I shouldn't think its that far off. This ride really has got to be one of the roughest rides around, which for any park is bad, but for Disneyland Paris, it's even worse.

Theming on this ride doesn't really improve things much. It seems that when turning the trains backwards, somebody forgot that money would have to be spent theming the other side of objects, as they would now be seen, thus the poor on-ride theming. And due to the same thing, theming seems quite good from the queue, which leads you to believe a good ride waiting inside-how wrong could one person be!

The ride itself is terrible. The mainly unbanked turns don't work for this ride, and the trains, or more importantly, the restraints, cause severe headaches, especially on these turns. When you consider that the train hurtles around the track at speeds of around 40-45mph (I think!), has unbanked turns, is built by a rubbish company, has a very poor track design, and goes backwards (meaning you can't prepare yourself-for hell!), you realise just how rough this ride is.

This leads me to wonder why DP ever installed this ride. If they considered the points I just have, they would not have built it( which leads me on to say, I'm sure they can't have done!). With two other good and fantastic coasters in the park, this ride isn't even worth a 0 min queue, as it will prevent you from having fun for another 2 or so hours.

I have only ever been on one ride worse-Python at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

So in conclusion, don't ride this evil contraption, as you will come of cursing it and yourself.

Ollie Cooke

What a disappointment. I rode this in the front and back, and found it a lot rougher in the back of the train. But on both rides the boring scenery and pedestrian track stayed the same. The ride screams "cheap", and is a horrible waste of the Indiana Jones license. Disney had the opportunity to create something really special here and threw it away. Worth a ride if the queue is 10 minutes or so, otherwise don't bother.

David Wilcock

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril: Backwards!

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