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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive. Please refer to this page before getting in touch.
Who are you?

We're not a theme park. We're not writers in any official capacity. We're just people who love amusement parks and rides, and enjoy writing about them. More specifically, we're:

Marcus Sheen: A 23 year old graphic designer for an (almost) national weekly advertising paper based in West Sussex.

Site founder, and coaster enthusiast since his first encounter with Chessington's original Vampire in the early '90s.


John Phillips: A 24 year old University Library assistant and a coaster enthusiast for far longer than he can remember.

Has a particular fascination for travelling fairs and rides, particularly those which tour the German fair circuit.


Other John
John Thorp: A student from Chester. Has had an interest in parks since a visit to Alton Towers where Nemesis sparked his interest. Although the newest writer, he has been a reader of CK for seven years, and has previously been a consultant for Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.


Roz Rosaylnn Holbrook: A 24 year old Marketing Executive for a flourishing Brighton marketing company.

Has had a love of theme parks, particularly Disney and Port Aventura since her childhood.


When does Coaster Kingdom get updated?

Whenever there's content to add, which is normally every two to three weeks. You can sign up to our Mailing List to receive notification. Features such as Your Reviews are constantly updated.

Coaster Kingdom facts

Founded in: 1996
Visitors: 7500 views of our homepage a day
1000 unique views of our homepage a day
Most common... Review: Air
Referrer: Google
Linked referrer: Coasters and More
Approximate size: 800 HTM pages
300 JPG photos
250 GIF graphics
90 MB webspace

What is your Privacy Policy?

We collect statistical information such as what pages you're visiting in order for us to provide targeted and interesting content. Information such as your name and Email address is surrendered only voluntarily when you fill in a form on the site, such as Your Reviews. Information is never sold on or used for any untoward reason.

How come Loggers Leap has the same rating as The Flume?

You shouldn't use our ratings to compare rides head-to-head, as they rate each ride according to their criteria at their individual park. Read more about our ratings here.

Who do you think you are telling me [ride] is bad?

It's called critique. Our reviews are comprehensive enough that you can form your own opinion based on the facts and argument we provide. Much like people review films, cars and food, we review roller coasters. If you disagree, we give you the opportunity to add your own review here.

Can you add my link, please?

Well, as you asked so nicely. Please make sure that your site is of a high quality, relevant and devoid of dead links and under construction pages. Read our guidelines on the Links page, then fill in the form.

Can I use your photos on my website?

You must get in touch with us before using our content. We are getting increasingly tired of having content stolen with little or no credit. We will name and shame sites that steal our content and contact their providers. If you do use our photos, and we give you the OK, you must credit the photo to Coaster Kingdom with a return link, and keep the watermark intact.

Do you respect park policies?

In the rare circumstance we take onride photography, we will always get permission from a supervisor, and only after we have ridden and know what forces we can expect on the ride. We always make sure camera equipment is secure.

On dark rides, we will not use the flash as a courtesy. If rules state that you cannot take photography, we will respect this.

Photos are always taken from publicly accessible areas.

Information on Coaster Kingdom is given in best interests, and is factual and correct to the best of our knowledge.

All content is copyright. No material from this site cannot be used without the explicit written consent of Coaster Kingdom.

Opinions expressed on our discussion lists and reader feedback pages are of the respective authors, and not of Coaster Kingdom.

Coaster Kingdom: Copyright 1995 - 2005


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