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The best thing of Hex is that it isn't scary, and it doesn't aim to be, just a mind-twister...First time you ride you think...'ok'...Now I re-ride it just to hear people's reactions when it starts...Oh, and the music...

Why it hasn't got 5 is because the re-ridability isn't great... Seen it once, seen it thousand times


I thought Hex was a family ride. I couldn't help but feel Alton Towers pulled a couple of punches with the "scary" theming, but apart from that the overall theming was brilliant, as you would expect from Alton Towers. The ride experience played with your mind rather than saying "you are going to be dropped into oblivion!" which is a nice change I suppose.

Great legend! Won't be forgetting the story any time soon!

Chris Darley

Hex is one of those rare rides that the smallest detail has been carefully thought over. The build up to the ride is amazing with a rich orchestral score that fits the attraction so well.

The videos in Hex have been filmed actually in Alton where the tree in chains is located. Hex has well choreographed lighting and use of special effects is done with great results. The first time I went on Hex I was completely outstanded with the "true" storyline and the dramatic ending. The start of the ride is eerie and sets the mood well, you always have something to look at in the queue line with the attention grabbing videos and the recently excavated artefacts that have been found deep within the towers.

The thing that I have noticed about Hex that is different to other rides is that all of the walls and scenery are real because they are the real towers (well maybe not the last room!).

In conclusion Hex is well worth a ride and beats other mad houses any day. if your looking for whine knuckle thrill hex maybe isn't for you but if you want something a bit different Hex is a ride that will leave you spellbound!

Jordan Whitelock

As a big fan of ghost trains/haunted houses Hex is a good ride. We went straight through and l was a bit freaked by all those figures that were wrapped in fabric and like the scenery whilst you waited as l thought that it was going to do something but it didn't, thank god for that.

We went into the lab part and the effects were very good the lightening, the dimming lights and the curtains blowing in the wind. The only thing that I didn't see was the ghost of the gypsy women as I was a bit freaked and weren't looking and then we went up the stairs threw the bookcase and through the hidden passage way to the vault.

I and the people that l went with went in first so we were sitting at the end, and there was the branch there with lights coming through it, the noise got louder and one thing confused me, even though your mind thinks that the cart is moving, it's actually the walls, but l didn't get was that thing was under the cart that had the face. I was told that it was the tree, but why would it be in the vault?

But overall, Such a good ride

Craig Lowe

What I don't understand is why people don't appreciate this ride. It is really fantastic because it doesn't rely on cheap 'monsters out of the cupboard' scares. If you want that, ride duel. This ride is not scary but it plays with your mind and leaves you on edge, which in my opinion is better than monsters out of the cupboard. The theming is realistic. The one thing that lets it down (which Alton Towers cannot help) is the signs outside, warning people with heart and back conditions not to ride.


I thought Hex was rubbish myself - sorry. Nicely themed, but pretty pants. A 'UK first' - a 'Mad House' is just a well themed version of the Haunted Swings which have stood at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pleasureland Southport and Morecambe (RIP) for decades. And I reckon "Passaje Del Terror" at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is miles better as an interactive experience.

Rick Holden

Although I must admit I am not the biggest fan of Hex, to say that Passaje Del Terror is better is like comparing Apocalypse to the Bubble Works! Hex is a family ride, and as it goes for the family market, it blows Passaje Del Terror to bits. If we're talking about attractions that scare you, then vice versa. Next time you leave Hex, hover around the door to see people rhapsodise about it! It really is amazing!

Karen Darnel

I find it a bit boring, although I am into thrill rides. I appreciate it is only a family ride, and I do find the effects spectacular, I would just rather pull some Gs on Oblivion!

Terry Hall

The first version of Hex was OK. The pre-shows were rubbish though, and made it a very hard ride to go back and re-ride as the pre-shows were a bore. The improvements are much better, and with the final room being quite so spectacular, it is now a really good family attraction with a great trick.

Simon Spencer

I agree. I used to find this type of thing really, really boring. I see that Hex is not only an illusion, but a really well produced attraction with some fantastic effects, gorgeous music and an atmosphere to make Mardi Gras look boring!

Liam Ryder

I can't help but think Hex would be much better if it did actually turn over. I don't get the point of just watching turning walls.

Ray Osmond

If it turned over, it wouldn't be a family attraction. You just explained a Sky Flyer.

Liam Ryder

To those who want it to flip over, why? Why does everyone think the whole ride is just turning walls? Do they not see the smoke effects? The light effects? Do they not hear the music? I don't go into Poseidon's Fury and say 'why don't the walls turn?' do I? Its the same thing.

Phillip Landers

I found Hex at Alton Towers very disappointing. While I admit it has a clever effect of spinning the room around Its not very exciting. I was expecting something else to happen after all the build up. Not worth queuing for in my opinion if you are seeking thrills.

Richard Greenwood

I thought Hex was OK, nothing that spectacular. The queue was huge but there was plenty to keep your interest. The theming was excellent. The ending of the ride was wicked, quite disorientating!

Kelly Cameron

Brilliantly executed idea but with what I considered to be two flaws:

1) the story was good but was never concluded, did the earl get rid of the curse?

2) there was no explanation of how it worked at the end, I came out of it with a mate arguing whether it actually flipped over or not (I said not, and found this site to prove my point)

Also I would like to go again to see what it was like knowing what was going to happen but I would find the intro a bit of a bore second time round.

Stu Lamond

Cool experience but long intro is very boring

Pritesh Patel

Ok, so the effects were well done, but was the ride at all believable? No! I thought it was pants, and I was really bored - even though I hate scary rides! It's not exactly the best, it could've done with being perhaps a little faster to be more convincing.

Claire Reynolds

This ride is the best ride Alton towers have ever added to the endless supply of attractions in their park. The theming and style of the ride matches to the gothic ruins of the towers and in certainly an experience like no other. The music used for this ride is superb, it's dramatic build up to it's final is just amazing. The way that the ride is based upon the actual legend is something I have never encountered before and seems very unique to me. Having never ridden Villa Volta which is the rival of Hex I can't comment on the differences, but the style and atmosphere that Hex creates is wondrous. The music always reminds me of Danny Elfman's style of gothic orchestral music, him being my all time favourite composer.

On my first ride of Hex I was overwhelmed at what it made me feel, and somehow every time I ride it I notice something that I never have before.

This ride is truly an amazing experience and is the b far the best ride that I have ever encountered. I would rather ride Hex that a white knuckle coaster, although they are my second favourite types of ride.

Hex a truly unique experience!

Paul Hodgson

A must see. It uses spectacular special effects with a good theme and large capacity. Don't miss it!

Andrew Jack

A truly surprising mind bending experience. A must if you have never been on a similar ride before. I still can't get my head round the immense feeling of gravity in my head and legs and the disorientation you feel. Warning - anyone who suffers panic attacks stay well away! I must say though I'm still talking about this ride to friends two days later so it must be worth a visit. If your looking for G's then Nemesis or Oblivion in that order. Air? Nahhh!

Andy Dewar

OK. I am a freak. I went on it once and I  was hooked. My holiday lasted 4 days and I went on it on a grand total of 13 times! The movie can get kinda boring after a while and you can read "begger" wrong (snort) but the music is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool! it has been 3 months now and I still remember it!

Katherine Beale

Very good ride to scare your friends before going on, if you don't tell them the ending they are always shocked! Good use of the towers!

Grace Franklin-Brown


Walking through the story part of the ride really is very very scary, especially the blowing curtains. The ride part is VERY confusing. I really thought we were going all the way around!

Julia Martin

A triumph of a ride, and when all in working order, the most polished and unique attraction at the park.

Effortlessly atmospheric, brilliantly conceived, unique and right out creepy, Hex is easy to get drawn into. Pretty unmissable.

John Thorp


I was disappointed with Hex and didn't really understand what was going on but it seems it was experiencing technical problems as we just stood in the octagonal room watching the TVs in silence, wondering what the hell was going on until a techy guy opened the door with a torch to try and fix the thing (that scared me more than the ride!).

Safe to say because we missed out on half the story the whole thing didn't make much sense and was pretty much a waste of time.

Danny G

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Hex: The Legend of the Towers

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