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Never have I heard people scream in pain on a coaster. Do parks not do research before buying new rides? If they did, Vekoma would have gone bust years ago.

Stewart Almany

I think this is one ride that is universally hated by the masses. It is beyond me why I should go on this, adopting a special riding technique and risking pulling muscles in my neck. The queue is one person shorter from now on.

Jenny Olafe

I had to go home at lunchtime after Gouderix as my head was throbbing. Surley this isn't good for business, as I hadn't even got round to shopping for souvenirs.

Damien Law

Although I like a coaster to bounce me about and make me feel like I'm looping numerous times, I refuse to ride Gouderix on the grounds it is bad for my health - people mock boxers, but regular riders of Gouderix are no better!

Simon Spencer

I actually quite liked it... Iíd been led to believe itís a headbanger, but it didnít seem to bother me much

Tom Marshall

When I was queuing for Goudurix someone three rides in front of me got knocked unconscious

William Pratt

Wicked Ride. I didnít find it as rough as you all have made it out to be. I loved it. Wicked

Stevan Miller

A good ride except for your head going all over the place, which really spoils it, but if you hold on well you can avoid this problem. Sitting at the back rather than the front also helps. No theming and a horrible queue really work against this ride. It could have great, but it isnít by along way, and definitely worth a try.

William Pratt

You should try this ride with sunburnt shoulders. 28 year old man screams loud enough to hear in the centre of Paris

Les Hughes

I hate this ride with a passion. There isn't anything about it I like. The queue is awful, the theme is non-existent, the station is just a patio with a portaloo in the corner and the ride deserves a place on the scrapheap. Evil.

Matt Dalton

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