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Already visible when parking your car and walking to the ticket booths of the park, this giant has what it takes to conquer its riders. Although it is some kind of a quest to find the entrance to Goliath – the station is situated at a dead end – the anxiety and anticipation to ride builds slowly but surely.

When you’re finally seated, the train starts the long climb to the top, before a mid-lift acceleration throws you straight into the first 70-degree drop. With 106 km/h, you are sent for the skies once again and the second massive portion of airtime awaits the riders. After this aggressive camelback hill, the train hugs the ground, before executing the highly enjoyable ‘Stengel Dive’: this never-seen-before element is graceful yet powerful, and it is a unique way to change directions.

The horizontal loop and the following so-called ‘buckel’ (or ‘corkscrew hill’) are still fairly forceful, but the helix and the second ‘buckel’ are indeed a bit of a let-down. They are not bad, but seen in context of the other elements, they lack some speed and/or force. Regardless, the grande finale makes up for this: three exciting and fun-inducing bunny-hops in a row highlight the stretch of track back to the station and an unexpectedly ferocious S-turn/U-turn-combination concludes the battle against the giant.

All in all, Goliath is a one-of-a-kind airtime-machine and although this green and purple giant has a couple of flaws, it’s easy to look past them and see Walibi World’s gem. Unprecedented in the Netherlands, this coaster is the crown jewel of the park and of coaster-loving Holland. And it deserves to be.

Mark Vries



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