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The Flume was the second ride I went on at Alton Towers and it was o.k. Actually, it was quiet refreshing. Anyway, first you enter the queue line which is massively long, then queue for ages. The near the end of the queue you enter the strangely themed station with a turning floor (to get the boats round.) Then you get into the wet, hard boat and sometimes wait until the boat is filled up.

There's a maximum of 5 adults per boat but I don't know what the maximum number of children is. Anyway I saw a boat filled with 6 children. Then you exit the station, go round a few corners (that jolt you a bit) and then the boat starts the lift hill. I don't know how high the Flume is, but the lift seems to go on for quiet a while and seems quite high when you are up there. I'd say it's about 30ft high. Anyway, when you are at the top of the lift, you go down a small drop.

Then round some slow turns and twists until you reach another lift. At the top of the lift... I can't tell you the next bit because it's a special surprise that know one ever expects. After that bit, you go up another lift the highest of the three, actually know the first one is the highest, sorry to whoever is reading this review, I can't think straight. Anyway, back to the review, at the top of the lift you go down a big hill and get quite wet, especially if you are sat at the front of the boat. Then, you go round and corner, under two showers (which don't work) and a giant duck.

By the way, I thought you'd like to know that the ride is sponsored by Imperial Leather so the ride is themed as bath time. Then, you enter the station and climb out of the boat that is still moving.

I have to say that you get a lot more wet on Blackpool Pleasure Beach's log flume than you do on Alton Towers's.


If the original Flume, which promoted itself simply as a meandering log ride, with a fun splashdown gained a reasonable 3 star rating, while no great improvement, Unplugged must gain the same praise.

The ride is doubtlessly overstated through contractual agreements with the fitting choice of sponsor, but at least the choice is fitting.

It's no Splash Mountain, nor is it anywhere near reaching the abysmal watery depths of Rumba Rapids. Could of been far worse, could of been better.

John Thorp

The Flume Unplugged is very good. The new theme was much needed and carried out very well, despite Tussaud's retheming history. Although the ride layout, drops etc. are all the same, the new boats must be designed especially to get you wet because with each drop, no matter how big or small, you will get soaked at the front. And with the installation of the new power shower after the final drop, nobody is safe from the water!!

The new theme is funky and vibrant. The hilarious soundtrack, novelty bath tub boats and overuse of rubber ducks makes the ride a pleasant experience from joining the queue to the last drop. A brilliant family fun ride and a certain improvement on its predecessor.

Dan Thompson

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The Flume


Should pull the plug. Barry

Bathtime with... clothes on. Sally

I like the duck. Peter