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This monster hasn't been voted the best coaster in the world for no reason - it is simply the best coaster you can ride - anywhere. It trounces larger rides like the superman hyper coasters, and B&M's hyper coasters - David beats Goliath yet again!

Harvey North

Bloody Hell, Intamin must receive praise for this stunner, better than Silver Star, Air etc. but not quite up to Millennium Force or Superman: Ride Of Steel (Six Flags New England), best roller coaster in Europe, definitely. Move over, Pepsi Max, Silver Star, Goliath Holland, Superman: Ride Of Steel (Warner Bros. Movie World Spain), Expedition Ge-Force packs a punch like no other!

Philip Curds

This is the Best coaster in Europe!! Very fast, just awesome. Goliath at Six Flags Holland is a very good number 2. (Stengel-dive RULES)

Tonnie Puijk

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Expedition Ge-Force

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It's sublime every time. Chris
Just one word: PERFECT. R.K